From Gridlock to Greenlight: INRY Unlocks Efficiency for Healthcare Organization's Provider Onboarding
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From Gridlock to Greenlight: INRY Unlocks Efficiency for Healthcare Organization's Provider Onboarding

From Gridlock to Greenlight: INRY Unlocks Efficiency for Healthcare Organization's Provider Onboarding

INRY Implements tailored Provider Onboarding solution for a non-profit healthcare organization, optimizing onboarding processes and minimizing administrative burden.

The customer is a non-profit healthcare organization integrating hundreds of medical professionals, care hospitals, surgery centers, and home care services across Central Indiana.

A growing challenge threatened to slow down healthcare operations which is, onboarding new care providers. Skilled physicians working tirelessly to deliver the best possible care to their patients were hindered by the complexity of paperwork, approvals, and disparate systems. The manual effort, effort-intensive, and siloed onboarding process resulted in stalled onboarding, increased operational expenses, and deadlock on all sides. This led to a strain on existing physicians being stretched thin, impacting patient care and revenue due to prolonged wait times for new providers.

Recognizing the need for a smooth and efficient onboarding journey for providers, the customer engaged INRY, a trusted ServiceNow Elite Partner. INRY carefully examined the customer's concerns and requirements, followed by presenting an implementation approach for modernizing the onboarding process. Onboarding wasn't just about efficiency; it was about bringing life-saving care to those who needed it most, faster.

HRSD Onboarding Solution to Streamline Information Flow and Boosting Onboarding Efficiency

INRY proposed implementing ServiceNow’s Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD) Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions application, ensuring the customer is on the fast track to success. The solution synchronized a workflow dependent on 30 different systems with the unified Now platform (ServiceNow platform). Our implementation approach involved active collaboration with the customer’s team in every step of the implementation, working closely with the customer to develop a solution that meets their requirements. Moreover, INRY's project delivery methodology – Process Area Specific Sprints (PASS) follows an iterative approach to solution development to ensure the solution meets the customer’s business needs.

Revolutionizing the Onboarding Process: The Implementation of HRSD Onboarding for the customer

The implementation of the HRSD Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions solution has revolutionized the onboarding process for the customer, empowering care providers with self-service, filing documentation ahead of schedule, tracking application progress, and maintaining a channel for communication with HR teams. Furthermore, enhancements for the knowledge management process were incorporated to ensure physicians were able to resolve their queries regarding the onboarding process through self-service. This resulted in a reduction in the time needed by HR Teams to answer queries. A unified Employee Center portal ensured care providers accessed a user-intuitive web portal for completing their onboarding activities. In addition, the solution integrated with PeopleSoft and an Identity Access Provider for importing care providers' details and providing access for completing assigned tasks. Reports were set up to ensure continuous improvement of the onboarding process. During the implementation, INRY ensured the delivery of a robust solution through the following:

 Solution Configuration: Tailoring the solution to the customer’s unique needs, process-specific details, and integration requirements

Self-service Approach: Ensuring physicians are empowered to search for information for their queries, reducing communication delays

Integration with Existing Systems: The solution is integrated with the customer’s existing HR systems for seamless data exchange

Testing and Validation: Thorough testing was done to ensure all functionalities worked as intended and met compliance requirements

Platform Support to ensure long-lasting success

 INRY assisted the customer in organizing comprehensive training to ensure the proficiency of HR Administrators in using solutions. Our 90-Day CloudCover (CC90) Adoption and Enablement Support program extends post-solution delivery support, encompassing continuous training, helpdesk, and technical support, as well as periodic reviews of the onboarding process for continuous improvement.

Transforming Healthcare Provider Onboarding with INRY :

INRY's healthcare expertise and client-centered approach helped the customer to revolutionize its Provider Onboarding process, saving time, reducing costs, and improving patient care with ServiceNow. The customer’s journey from gridlock to greenlight serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of technology and collaboration.

If you're ready to accelerate your onboarding and put your organization on the fast track to success, contact INRY today. With our healthcare expertise and innovative solutions, we can assist in streamlining your provider onboarding and deliver transformative results.