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Iowa DoT onboards and offboards hundred of seasonal employees with EASE

Cut down time-per-hire from 4-6 hours to just 30 minutes

Employee Experience - Success Story
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Iowa DoT
ServiceNow® Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions

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Electronic forms on ServiceNow replaced 13 paper forms and helped the HR team cut down the average onboarding time per hire from 4-6 hours to 30 minutes
A new intuitive Onboarding portal embedded with the new electronic forms provides prospective hires a single place with all onboarding tasks
Auto-populate feature and electronic signatures transformed onboarding into an efficient and entirely paperless process
INRY’s PASS methodology helped the client quickly start using ServiceNow and 300 seasonal employees were onboarded in spring and offboarded in fall

With hundreds of seasonal employees hired every year, the HR team at Iowa Department of Transportation faced challenges due to their manual, paper-based processes. Seasonal hires submitted the same information on several paper forms including Iowa Form W-4, Form I-9, as well as internal workforce standards. HR spent up to 6 hours on average to onboard each new hire.

With a targeted implementation of ServiceNow HR Onboarding, INRY helped Iowa DoT transform create a smooth onboarding experience for prospective hires while streamlining HR work.

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