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Keller ISD’s legal team brings in agility by automating their advisory process

Tracking end-to-end request completion in real-time

Employee Experience - Success Story
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Keller ISD
ServiceNow® Case and Knowledge Management

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ServiceNow as a single system of record provides the legal team a single view of all the cases to help complete tasks in shorter time frames
Customizable automated workflows along with specialized digital tracking help the client team members to save up to 1 hour per day per case
Simple drop and drag capabilities allow notes to captured and saved directly in the case file within ServiceNow, serving as a communication audit trail
Real-time dashboards help the legal team to recognize requestors by location and track the steps for request completion in real-time

With over 4000 employees and servicing 41 campus locations, the legal team at Keller ISD wanted to do away with the manual way they managed requests for legal information. With a myriad of requests coming in from different sources, their process was time-consuming, single threaded, and marred with inefficiencies.

Leveraging ServiceNow Case and Knowledge Management, INRY helped Keller completely automate their manual and paper tasks into a centralized system that not only helps them easily track the progress of requests, but also provides real-time reporting.

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