Large European health insurer maximizes efficiency in recruitment with Applicant Tracking System

A single place to view and track the status of applications

Large European Health Insurer
Large European Health Insurer
Applicant Tracking System by CoFigure

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An applicant-friendly client-branded portal on the app provides applicants with a single place to view their tasks and track the status of their application
CoFigure’s Applicant Tracking System eliminated bottlenecks, streamlined the hiring process, and brought in a tremendous amount of visibility into hiring progress
Customizable application forms and dynamic questions were designed to appear based on the applicant’s country to adhere to the hiring regulations
Automated workflows eliminated clutter in publishing job posting by automating various approvals required to post a job

The lack of the right recruitment technology was a problem that the client needed to solve fast. Posting jobs, sourcing resumes, getting approvals, and scheduling interviews required a tremendous amount of cross-department communication, causing several bottlenecks in the recruitment process.

INRY’s swift implementation of Applicant Tracking System, a comprehensive recruitment app by CoFigure proved to be the ideal solution for the client.