Large European Health Insurer

Large Health Insurer hires quality talent fast with Applicant Tracking System by CoFigure

  • Client
    European Health Insurer
  • Industry
  • Employees
  • Solution
    Applicant Tracking System
    by CoFigure


Increasing hiring needs
Applicant experience
Recruitment tracking



An applicant-friendly client-branded portal on the app provides applicants with a single place to view their tasks and track the status of their application


Automated notifications and reminders prompt both recruiters and applicants to complete their tasks on time, speeding up the recruitment process


Dynamic forms were designed to show additional questions based on the applicant’s country to comply with different EU regulations


Automated workflows connect recruitment with Onboarding and Transitions and helps HR to manage the entire employee lifecycle on ServiceNow

The lack of the right recruitment technology was a problem that the client needed to solve fast. The groundwork was being laid for a major expansion in the European market and a substantial spike in hiring was expected very soon.

INRY’s swift implementation of Applicant Tracking System, a comprehensive recruitment app by CoFigure prooved to be the ideal solution for the client. Elegant employee portal and carefully designed workflows on Applicant Tracking System enabled the client to immediately start leveraging automation for recruitment.

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