Now Assist Powered by Generative AI: Empowering People with Conversational Exchanges
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Now Assist Powered by Generative AI: Empowering People with Conversational Exchanges

Now Assist Powered by Generative AI: Empowering People with Conversational Exchanges

ServiceNow's Now Assist for Virtual Agent is a testament to the potential of Generative AI. It's not just another tool; it's an opportunity to transform how users interact with technology.

In our previous article, we covered ways to increase productivity with Generative AI on the Now Platform. This blog deeply explores how to empower people with conversational exchanges powered by Now Assist.

ServiceNow Now Assist for Virtual Agent 

Delivering exceptional user experiences and maximizing Return on Investment (ROI) are paramount. ServiceNow Now Assist for Virtual Agent is not just another tool; it's an opportunity to transform how users interact with technology.

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, we understand that user experience lies at the heart of successful digital transformations. With Now Assist, organizations can offer intelligent, contextually accurate responses to user inquiries, enabling swift access to relevant information and personalized workflows.


How Now Assist for Virtual Agent Leverages Generative AI? 

Now Assist for Virtual Agent uses Generative AI for direct, natural responses, connecting interactions with Now Platform workflows. For instance, when a user asks a question, the solution employs generative AI to provide a straightforward response within the conversation and quickly provide the necessary information, including internal pieces of code for product and engineering teams, product visuals or videos, document links, or summarized knowledge base articles.  

ServiceNow's cross-departmental and cross-system capabilities maintain accurate conversations, even when users are uncertain where to start. This heightened functionality enhances productivity, boosts self-service success rates, and expedites issue resolution.

Advantages of Now Assist for Virtual Agent, Powered by Generative AI:  

  • Write case summaries and insights to help your agents resolve issues faster  
  • Write recommendations for code using human language prompts  
  • Have conversational chat exchanges in natural human language   
  • Create content, including intelligent search results, work notes, and knowledge-base articles  

Now Assist Powered by ServiceNow Generative AI Controller 

Now Assist for Virtual Agent is powered by the recently introduced ServiceNow Generative AI Controller. It is the cornerstone for all generative AI functionalities on the Now Platform. The Controller simplifies the integration of ServiceNow instances with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service LLM and OpenAI API. It features built-in actions for expediting intelligent workflow automation.  

Additionally, Now Assist for Virtual Agent collaborates with Now Assist for Search, which builds upon the Controller's capabilities, delivering connected generative AI experiences across the Now platform. Since Now Assist for Search draws data from within the customer's environment, results are more precise, mitigating the risk of errors or misinterpretations.


ServiceNow collaborates with NVIDIA, Hugging Face and BigCode to Optimize Digital Workflows. 

ServiceNow has invested in AI for several years, embedding it into the Now Platform to simplify and optimize digital workflows quickly. Recent Generative AI innovations from ServiceNow include collaborating with NVIDIA to create custom LLMs for workflow automation. They have also introduced additional features that apply generative AI to various use cases, spanning IT departments, customer service teams, employees, and developers.  

Furthermore, through their partnership with Hugging Face, ServiceNow unveiled the open-access, open-science, open-governance StarCoder LLM with 15 billion parameters on behalf of the BigCode community, making generative AI more transparent and accessible to all.  

We ensure that every interaction adds value by identifying pain points, automating workflows, and enhancing self-service capabilities. Whether improving self-solve rates, accelerating issue resolution, or optimizing processes, the result is a measurable impact on ROI.   

Our commitment to excellence, strategic thinking, and technical capability makes us the ideal partner to guide you through the intricacies of AI integration. INRY's approach involves crafting a roadmap seamlessly integrating Now Assist into the existing framework.  


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