Our Founders Share The INRY Story on Bloomberg TV!
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Our Founders Share The INRY Story on Bloomberg TV!

Our Founders Share The INRY Story on Bloomberg TV!

Living the American dream!

"You just don’t want to work for a paycheck. At the end of the day, you want to feel like you stand for something that has some values that you believe in. And for us, the value is definitely client enablement"

- Anu Bulusu, CEO, INRY


"We could see how possible it was, we learned that America is a land of dreams - but we could actually see people doing it"

- Bipin Paracha, Co-Founder, INRY

Ever wondered what it takes to build one of USA's fastest-growing private companies and the journey of people behind it? Anu Bulusu (CEO, INRY) and Bipin Paracha (Co-Founder, INRY) moved to the US, the land of opportunity, to pursue their Master's degree.

From running their first startup which taught them a lot of lessons to meeting new people to falling in love with America - everything fueled their strong desire to be entrepreneurs.

Watching people realize the American dream and the opportunity to be truly innovative further motivated them to achieve their dream.

And thus INRY was born - a company that helps enterprises deliver Efficient Agile Secure Experiences to their employees and customers!

In The American Dream TV Show that airs on Bloomberg TV, our Founders, Bipin Paracha, and Anu Bulusu shared the INRY story and their amazing journey to living the American Dream. Watch the video!

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