Private Health Management Creates Impactful Patient Experiences with ServiceNow HCLS
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Private Health Management Creates Impactful Patient Experiences with ServiceNow HCLS

Private Health Management Creates Impactful Patient Experiences with ServiceNow HCLS

INRY was able to transform PHM's operations and help them deliver high-quality healthcare services

About the Customer

Private Health Management (PHM) is a leading provider of personalized healthcare solutions dedicated to bringing the best of healthcare to individuals, families, and organizations that prioritize their employees' health. PHM delivers better health outcomes for serious and complex illnesses through a highly patient-centric and holistic approach.  

To deliver exceptional experiences throughout the patient lifecycle, PHM partnered with ServiceNow and INRY to modernize, automate, and optimize several workflows at each stage, with the following goals:  

  • Reduce the time to onboard new patients.
  • Enable clinicians with data to aid decision-making.
  • Improve care coordination to reduce the turnaround time for the delivery of healthcare services.

The Solution

INRY worked with the PHM team to understand their care journey and the requirements of various stakeholders. The team identified several workflow automation and optimization opportunities and suggested the INRY SMART Success for ServiceNow HCLS (Healthcare and Life Sciences) to build a platform on ServiceNow that came to be known as PHM Care. The key components of the solution included:

Integration with HubSpot: PHM's HubSpot system was seamlessly integrated with PHM Care, enabling real-time data synchronization. Once a patient is marked as converted in HubSpot, an account is automatically created in ServiceNow. This integration  

  • Ensures the real-time initiation of the onboarding process.
  • Simplifies the account creation process.
  • Makes patient details readily available to PHM service leaders and team members.

Automated Patient Registration: Once a patient's account is created, they automatically receive a link to pre-register for PHM's services. This feature helped the PHM admin team to

  • Eliminate manual data entry.  
  • Auto-populate patient details during the registration process.
  • Improve the registration experience further by adding a Save and Resume capability, allowing patients to finish the process in smaller steps at their convenience.

Seamless Care Coordination: Once patients complete their onboarding journey, the solution automatically assigns them a dedicated care team based on capacity. This triggers a notification to the care team, ensuring prompt handoffs and timely provision of healthcare services. Upon request of healthcare services, care teams can initiate the delivery of services by assigning a clinician to the respective patient and notifying both.

End-to-end digital health records: The solution enables all concerned stakeholders to have data at their fingertips. Intuitively designed forms allow clinicians to capture diagnosis data promptly, along with timestamps that help maintain a timeline of the patient's diagnosis throughout their care journey with PHM. The solution also allows clinicians to capture test and rounding data easily via PHM Care.

The Rewards

In just 8 weeks, INRY was able to transform PHM's operations and help them deliver high-quality healthcare services:

Drastic Reduction in Patient Registration Time:

The time for new patient registration has been reduced from 2 days to 21 minutes. This improved the patient experience across the first touchpoint and significantly reduced administrative overhead by eliminating manual processes, allowing PHM to handle a higher volume of customer onboarding requests with improved speed and accuracy.

Increased Productivity throughout Care Delivery:

Automating several manual tasks and handoffs and enhancing user experience for clinicians and patients delivered through the PHM Care platform yielded a 15% efficiency gain across the care delivery process.

Tools and System Optimization

The PHM Care platform replaced the older tools and systems – Excel, Adobe, Formsite, and Salesforce that weren’t catering to current business needs. This unified platform, integrated with HubSpot and Definitive and several data integrations, increased clinician and back-office staff productivity by 25%.

Ready Availability of Clinical Data:

Cutting from one week to 2 hours - Clinicians now generate patient summaries effortlessly.   Moreover, the patient's entire diagnosis and test history being available digitally empowered clinicians to make informed decisions and prompt handoffs.

Improved Operational Governance:

INRY implemented workflows that established SLAs and guardrails, a new Case Renewal process, automated notifications for case tasks, and built an operations dashboard. This resulted in a 20% increase in the efficiency of operational governance processes.
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