Revolutionizing Employee Recognition in Banking with INRY Celebrate
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Revolutionizing Employee Recognition in Banking with INRY Celebrate

Revolutionizing Employee Recognition in Banking with INRY Celebrate

INRY's collaboration transformed the customer's Rewards & Recognition program, driving change and benefits. INRY Celebrate's implementation showcased technology-vision synergy.


Performance-Driven Culture

INRY Celebrate fostered a culture of appreciation and collaboration through features like the Wall of Fame, motivating employees to excel in their performance and contribute positively to the organization's goals.

Streamline Processes

The implementation of INRY Celebrate replaced manual, labor-intensive processes with automated workflows, significantly reducing administrative burden and allowing HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

Data-Driven Insights

The robust reporting capabilities of INRY Celebrate provided valuable insights into program effectiveness, enabling data-driven decision-making and the cultivation of a performance-oriented culture within the organization.

Competitive Advantage

By leveraging INRY Celebrate, the customer positioned themselves as an employer-centric organization, retaining top talent and driving organizational growth and success in the competitive landscape of modern banking.

The customer is a prominent financial institution headquartered in Miami Lakes, Florida, playing a significant role in the financial landscape by serving diverse clients across multiple regions. With a focus on consumer and commercial banking, they hold a pivotal position in the industry. Acknowledging the need for a personalized and impactful approach towards Rewards & Recognition (R&R), the customer embarked on a journey to revamp their Total Rewards experience. 

Transitioning from physical Gift cards for Employee recognition 

With a workforce of over 1500 employees, the customer formerly utilized gift cards for spot awards. This process required HR to individually envelope and address each card, which became even more arduous with remote work. The recognition style lacked structure, and there was a pressing need for measuring the effectiveness of the R&R program and employee engagement.  

Partnering with INRY for Transformation 

In response to these challenges, the customer sought a strategic partnership with INRY, an Elite ServiceNow Partner renowned for its expertise in digital transformation and employee experience solutions. Leveraging their in-house built solution, INRY Celebrate, the customer aimed to streamline their R&R processes, enhance employee engagement, and foster a culture of appreciation and collaboration within the organization. 

A Brief overview of INRY Celebrate 

Rewards and recognition play a pivotal role in any organization, serving as a powerful tool to motivate and engage employees. By acknowledging and appreciating their contributions, these programs foster a positive work culture.  

INRY has developed INRY Celebrate, an all-encompassing rewards and recognition platform integrated with ServiceNow®, crafted to cultivate an engaging workplace culture and deliver memorable experiences. 

Key highlights showcasing the capabilities of the INRY Celebrate app: 

  • Wall of Fame (Social Intranet): Real-time chronological feed featuring all rewards, appreciations, and wishes posted by employees. 
  • Leaderboard: Features Top 5 employees based on points accumulated (earned through rewards). 
  • Wishes: Encourages employees to capture Moments that Matter - Life Events, Service Awards, Community Celebrations  
  • Social media: Employees can share their recognition on relevant social media platforms. 
  • Data Analytics: Intuitive & configurable dashboards for tracking Rewards and Recognition program success.  

Synergy and planning for a successful implementation 

The customer’s implementation journey commenced with a series of Requirements gathering and design workshops, aimed at delving into their current Rewards & Recognition program, business goals, existing workflows, and pain points. The collected user requirements were refined into user stories to configure the INRY Celebrate app according to the customer’s vision and goals. 

Once the user stories received approval from the customer, INRY's Project team, comprising technical experts, initiated the configuration of the application. The foundational setup of the application involved importing customer-specific skills, badges, eCard images and preferences, setting up approval workflows, and assigning access for employees. 

Building upon the initial development phase, the project team further collaborated with the customer to configure the INRY Celebrate Portal, reflecting their organizational branding and user interface preferences. This included web page layout changes, branding updates, and widget optimization to personalize the user experience. 

All contemporary rewards and recognition initiatives are incomplete without robust reporting and analytics. Therefore, the project team enhanced the existing dashboards in the Celebrate app and added insightful reports for measuring customer specific KPIs. This enabled HR teams to identify trends and make informed, data-driven decisions. 

Throughout this journey, the project team collaborated closely with the customer’s HR teams to address specific needs, perform application configuration, and provide ongoing support. 

Fostering Adoption through Enablement and Ongoing Support 

To ensure a seamless transition and foster user adoption post-production rollout, INRY conducted training sessions for key pilot groups, comprising power users, empowering them to effectively utilize the application. Additionally, through dedicated remote support INRY ensured that the customer remained equipped to harness the full potential of their rewards and recognition (R&R) program, thereby driving sustained employee engagement and organizational success. 

Harnessing the Benefits of a Modern Employee Recognition Platform 

In today's dynamic workplace environment, employee recognition plays a crucial role in fostering a positive organizational culture and driving employee engagement.  

With the deployment of INRY Celebrate across the organization, our customer has realized significant benefits, including: 

  • Performance-driven culture: With the INRY Celebrate Wall of Fame employees experienced a culture of appreciation, collaboration, and encouragement. Employees were motivated to achieve their best performance. 
  • Streamlined Employee Recognition Processes: Automated workflows replaced manual, labor-intensive processes with automated workflows, significantly reducing HR Teams administrative burden. 
  • Data-Driven Insights: Reporting capabilities offered valuable insights to the customer, enabling them to make informed decisions towards cultivating a performance-oriented culture within the organization. 
  • Competitive Advantage: Employees experienced a profound sense of appreciation and motivation, thereby propelling organizational performance and fostering growth.

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