A Roadmap to Return Employees to a Safe Workplace, with ServiceNow and C. H. Robinson
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A Roadmap to Return Employees to a Safe Workplace, with ServiceNow and C. H. Robinson

A Roadmap to Return Employees to a Safe Workplace, with ServiceNow and C. H. Robinson

Ensure employee safety at the workplace and comply with regulations, to resume business operations in this new normal.


Reopening the office amid COVID-19 restrictions can be stressful as employers have to adhere to strict guidelines. If you are a part of your organization's return to workplace planning and are wondering where to begin, this on-demand webinar can be your starting point.

Patti Winkel (Employee Experience Solution Sales Executive at ServiceNow), Teresa Carvajal (Principal ServiceNow HRSD Technology Analyst at C.H. Robinson), and Vishal Raghavan (HR Product Owner at INRY) discuss the critical considerations for creating a safe workplace for your employees.

Some of the key topics covered in this webinar include:

  • How INRY and ServiceNow can assist organizations in expediting their return to workplace journey and keeping employees and communities safe, with a digital solution
  • How C.H. Robinson solved employee communication challenges related to returning furloughed employees using the employee experience layer from INRY
  • How INRY created the Return to Workplace bundle by combining the learnings from ServiceNow and C.H. Robinson to support organizations as they prepare to restart operations

Highlights of the session:

  1. 02:58 - Patti's insights on digital transformation and employee experience
  2. 04:34 - How ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) fits into the HR technology landscape
  3. 07:27 - Careful planning and execution while transitioning to the post-COVID world
  4. 09:08 - ServiceNow's solutions for COVID-19 response (Emergency Response Management & Safe Workplace Apps Suite)
  5. 12:17 - Teresa's insights on C H Robinson's COVID journey and how they were able to enhance employee experience using ServiceNow HRSD
  6. 15:18 - Re-boarding furloughed employees and planning tasks such as system access and compliance training using the Employee Experience Center and campaigns
  7. 18:59 - Insights on the working sessions with INRY during the Workforce HR Requests app implementation
  8. 20:38 - How INRY's Return to Workplace bundle helps clients in this time of crisis
  9. 23:05 - Features and capabilities of the Return to Workplace bundle
  10. 26:41 - Implementation cycles and the duration to get the apps into production
  11. 29:37 - Demo of the Return to Workplace bundle


Picture of Patti Winkel
Guest Speaker
Patti Winkel

Employee Experience Solution Sales Executive - ServiceNow

Picture of Teresa Carvajal
Guest Speaker
Teresa Carvajal

Principal ServiceNow HRSD Technology Analyst - C.H. Robinson

Picture of Vishal Raghavan
INRY Speaker
Vishal Raghavan

HR Product Owner - INRY

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