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ServiceNow Orlando: Automated Test Framework ServiceNow Orlando: Automated Test Framework
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ServiceNow Orlando: Automated Test Framework

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Quality Assurance is a critical step in modern Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC). Previous versions of ServiceNow required manual testing of the instance features, however, from the Istanbul version we have been introduced to the Automated Test Framework (ATF)

Over time with every upgrade of ServiceNow, ATF has been enhanced to provide test steps for all features. ATF helps avoid manual testing while saving time and resources that are required during the process of upgrading the instance from the older to the newer version.

In this article, we will cover some of the new features and enhancements added to ATF in ServiceNow's Orlando upgrade.

Copying an Automated Test Suite

The New York version provided an option to copy a test. Copying multiple tests under one Test Suite was challenging. The Orlando version provides the ability to copy all tests in the Test Suite and Child Test Suites easily by using the "Copy Test Suite" button, thereby helping save time spent on creating tests and reduces the time complexity of the action.

Custom UI test steps

One of the significant challenges faced in previous versions of ATF was not being able to perform tests on Service Portal components. With the introduction of Custom UI test steps, wcustom-uie can now test all UI elements on the portal. The components of the portal such as buttons, links, page text, UI controls, UI macros, UI pages, and wizards, can be tested and validated in the Orlando version of ATF.

All the UI components that are accessible from the DOM and support JavaScript manipulation of the DOM can be tested. All components that can be tested must return results in Page Inspector. By using the Custom UI test step, the ATF test designer can test settable page components on a portal. The features include setting a component value or retrieving a component value. Variables such as date, date-time, and reference data types are supported in this version.

List and Related List

While previously we couldn't validate the visibility of Lists and Related Lists on the form, in the Orlando version of ATF, we can overcome this limitation. A new Category called "Lists and Related lists" has been added to the ATF steps.


Using this category, we can execute the below test steps:

· Validate related list visibility: Based on the form views, we can validate the visibility of the selected related lists on the form using this step. We can configure the list of visible and not visible related lists on the form.

· Apply a filter to the list: In the previous versions, to validate the presence of a record in a list or related record, we had to write multiple steps to glide the table and find a record. With Orlando, we can apply the filter to a list or related list records                                                                and see if there re any matching records.

· Validate the presence of a record in a list: We can validate the presence of a record in the list, using this step. We can specify if the record is present or not on the form in the step configuration.

· Open a record in a list: Previously, to open a related record on the form, we had to write multiple steps to glide the table and find the required record based on the filter conditions. Now using this test step, we can open a specific record in the list.

· Click a list UI action: The Orlando version has a new process in place where you can click a UI action in a list or related list.

Email category

A significant ATF feature in Orlando is the ability to validate Email Outbound and Inbound actions. With this feature, the ATF test designer can now test the notifications based on whether emails have or have not been triggered.


To test the inbound email actions, the Test step designer can create an incoming email to the instance. We can validate whether the configured inbound email action is working as expected.

Using the email category

, we can execute the below test steps:

· Validate the outbound email

· Validate the outbound email generated by the flow

· Validate the outbound email generated by the notification

· Generate the inbound email

· Generate the inbound reply email

Have questions about ATF and upgrading to Orlando, let us know. Our resident ServiceNow expert will reach out to you.

As an Elite level ServiceNow partner, we run our business on the Now platform. Being early adopters of ServiceNow releases, we can help you get a quick risk assessment of your upgrade, plan your upgrade strategy, and provide a fixed fee estimate for the upgrade. Furthermore, here's a recent article on "Our favorite features on Orlando".

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