INRY is ServiceNow's Partner of the Year for MedSLED EWF in 2021
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INRY is ServiceNow's Partner of the Year for MedSLED EWF in 2021

INRY is ServiceNow's Partner of the Year for MedSLED EWF in 2021

Honored and proud to have been selected as the ServiceNow MEDSLED Partner of the year. Kudos to the team!

As an Elite ServiceNow Partner, INRY is honored to have been selected as the “2021 Partner of the Year” by the ServiceNow MedSLED EWF team. ServiceNow recognizes the achievements and contributions of best-in-class ServiceNow partners who have grown the business of ServiceNow through innovation in business, technology, and customer success. The award acknowledges INRY's commitment to customer success, leadership in the employee experience space, and a decade of championing the ServiceNow platform as an enabler of transformative change.

Customer Success – We are in the business of helping our clients accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and realize the full value of their ServiceNow investments. Through this award, ServiceNow recognizes INRY's ability to deliver better business outcomes, enhanced user experiences, and the promise of technology through human ingenuity. Several Fortune 500 companies trust INRY as a partner in their transformational journeys to successfully deliver their IT, Employee, and Customer experience initiatives.

Leadership in the Employee Experience space – As a leading ServiceNow Partner, INRY focuses on Employee Experience (EX) and Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD). Our team has extensive experience designing, building, and deploying ServiceNow solutions that improve employee engagement and outcomes. Our approach is based on deep industry understanding and focuses on key trends influencing each industry. This approach allows us to provide our clients with the best possible solution for their needs through INRY Apps (like INRY CELEBRATE for employee rewards and recognition and INRY Talent for recruiting and applicant tracking) and our SMART Success delivery of core HRSD features in as little as 8-weeks.

INRY was instrumental in launching ServiceNow's HRSD solutions. We believe that employee experience (EX) is a critical component of business success and should be at the heart of every organization. We work with clients to improve employee engagement and productivity, support hybrid and remote workplaces, improve employee journeys, and create an employee experience platform. Our team has a deep knowledge of the HR domain and technology – we use this expertise to design and deploy EX strategies that transform the way employees work. With years of experience in the industry, we have a track record of success in helping clients achieve their goals.

Enabler of transformative change championing the ServiceNow platform - INRY is one of the top 10 ServiceNow consulting and implementation partners based on CSAT and delivery maturity with experience in all areas of the ServiceNow ecosystem. We work closely with ServiceNow to deliver superior outcomes for our clients, leveraging our deep platform expertise and industry knowledge. Our 360-degree partnership with ServiceNow – encompassing strategy, design, deployment, and operations – enables us to provide end-to-end service and support for our clients.

We run our business on the ServiceNow platform. We are experts in implementing, using, and extending the ServiceNow platform to optimize service delivery, employee engagement, and customer experience. Our decade-long relationship with ServiceNow allows us to share our expertise with our clients and provide them with the highest level of consulting and best practices.


INRY CEO Bipin Paracha noted that “In recent years INRY has been consistently named in lists of fastest-growing US companies. These recognitions have been amazing, but getting this type of validation from our partners at the ServiceNow MedSLED Employee Workflow team is even more gratifying. We are looking forward to a record 2022 and an even closer partnership between ServiceNow, INRY, and our valued customers."

We are honored to receive this recognition and appreciate all our team has done to help us grow. We will continue to focus on providing the best customer experience possible, being technically excellent, and understanding the industries we serve.

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