ServiceNow Rome - Making the Most of Your Upgrade Journey
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ServiceNow Rome - Making the Most of Your Upgrade Journey

ServiceNow Rome - Making the Most of Your Upgrade Journey

Enable compelling employee and customer interactions with the ServiceNow Rome

ServiceNow’s Rome is undoubtedly one of the most significant releases in recent times. It empowers organizations to get the most out of their investment by unlocking the full potential of digital workflows. Rome comes bearing gifts for everyone, so we invite you to discover the new changes mean, with Mike Deal, Solution Advisory Consultant at ServiceNow, and Shea Laughlin, Certified Master Architect and Solution Principal at INRY. 

In this 45-minute webinar session, Mike and Shea highlighted key functionalities in the ServiceNow Rome release and what it means for everyone in your organization, from IT, Business Operations, HR to Finance. Here are some of the essential takeaways from the webinar: 

1. INRY's Point of View on What's New in ServiceNow Rome

  • Help organizations deliver compelling employee interactions 
  • Help both IT task performers and customers get the benefits of automation and AI 
  • Make it easier for field service staff and customer interactions across mediums  
  • Build Tailored applications with no-code options 

2. Best Practices: How to Make Your Journey a Smooth One 

  • Reduce upgrade time by automating manual testing and remediation 
  • Preview, manage and monitor upgrades with greater ease 
  • Get critical insights for worry-free upgrades 

3. Critical Employee, IT, and Customer experience updates 
4. What's in it for the Adopters? Success Stories from the Field 

As a ServiceNow customer and an early adopter, we upgrade to new releases months before they are generally available. We use our own experience with each new release to drive fast, successful upgrades for our clients. Our methodology refined over hundreds of implementations delivers repeatable and predictable ServiceNow upgrades. Watch the on-demand session to learn more about how your workplace investments can be a powerful asset in securing your organization's success.

INRY is a leader in helping organizations manage the upgrade journey since the platform's earliest days, roadmap advisors with early, hands-on experience in new releases that inform our customer engagements. 

Highlights of the Webinar

03:51 - 6 reasons why it’s important to upgrade to Rome

06:45 - What are some of the new features and functionalities in Rome?

07:02 - Introduction to the benefits across the product stack – Employee Experience, IT Workflows, Customer Experience, and Creator Solutions

09:10 - Updates to the out-of-the-box Critical Employee Experience

14:00 - The new functionalities are embedded into the Employee Center

16:56 - Employee Experience Capability packs for both Pro and Standard

20:15 - Critical IT Experience - How ServiceNow agent can help you work across multiple things in a user-friendly manner?

25:50 - New instances between multiple processes to reduce the workload of Critical Customer Experience

27:37 - Various workspaces to view all information in one place

30:40 - Advanced functionalities and feature enhancements to Creator Studio

31:40 - List of tools to simplify the Rome upgrade process smoother than ever

43:10 - INRY’s ServiceNow Upgrade Journey from Quebec to Rome


Picture of Shea Laughlin
Guest Speaker
Shea Laughlin

Certified Master Architect and Solution Principal at INRY

Picture of Mike Deal
Guest Speaker
Mike Deal

Solution Advisory Consultant at ServiceNow

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