Streamlined compliance program for a major Health Insurance Organization

Swift action on risks associated with security and compliance

Major health insurance organization
Major health insurance organization
Health insurance
ServiceNow® Policy & Compliance

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The ability to track history and store evidence and automation of more than 100 controls have significantly reduced the burden of managing compliance for the client
The automatic requests for evidence sent at periodic intervals have eliminated the need for the information security team to follow up with control owners continuously
Visibility across the entire organization helped the client understand the full scope of risk and provided them with a single point of entry for compliance management
Improved transparency and the ability to send reports to regulators enabled the client to meet commitments while reducing risk and increasing agility

Our client is a federation of multiple health insurance organizations, providing health insurance to over 100M Americans. They offer a personalized approach to healthcare based on the needs of the communities where their members live and work. They work closely with doctors and hospitals in the communities they serve to provide access to affordable and quality healthcare.

Today, using ServiceNow has helped the client move to a more simplified method of tracking compliance with SOC2 assessments.  They moved from time-consuming manual work to connected and automated processes that ensure identifying and taking swift action on risks associated with security and compliance.