Streamlining IT Service Delivery for A Leading Northwest Arizona Healthcare Provider
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Streamlining IT Service Delivery for A Leading Northwest Arizona Healthcare Provider

Streamlining IT Service Delivery for A Leading Northwest Arizona Healthcare Provider

Northwest Arizona's largest healthcare provider collaborated with INRY to revolutionize its IT service delivery using ServiceNow ITSM. Facing integration and communication challenges with their previous system, the healthcare provider benefited from INRY's expertise, which streamlined operations, reduced manual processes, and enhanced service efficiency. This strategic transformation significantly boosted IT support, ultimately improving overall patient care.

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Streamlined Processes

Standardized workflows across incident, change, and knowledge management for increased efficiency.

Enhanced Communication

A centralized platform for logging and tracking requests ensured clear communication between end-users and IT teams.

Empowered Users

Self-service capabilities through the Service Portal and Knowledge Management enabled users to find solutions independently, freeing IT staff for focusing on strategic initiatives.

Elevated Visibility

A clear view of the IT landscape, simplifying configuration management with the CMDB.

The customer is the largest healthcare provider in Northwest Arizona, offering comprehensive services such as primary care, imaging, cardiac care, and rehabilitation. As a Mayo Clinic Network member, the customer provides access to Mayo Clinic’s expertise, playing a vital role in Mohave County’s economy, employing over 1,900 staff and 270 physicians.  

 To meet the customer's IT service delivery needs, Kace, an information technology systems management solution, was selected. However, as demand for IT services grew the customer faced challenges on multiple fronts such as a lack of integration between IT processes, inefficient communication channels, service delays, and an increase in manual processes leading to increased workload for IT teams.  

INRY’s Expertise in implementing ServiceNow ITSM for efficient IT Service Delivery 

Recognizing the limitations of their existing IT service management system, Kace, the customer sought a more robust and scalable solution. After thorough market research and evaluation, ServiceNow emerged as the ideal choice due to its well-established record of helping organizations achieve efficiency in IT service delivery. ServiceNow significantly simplified operations, optimized communication channels, and empowered IT personnel to assist hospital staff (employees) with its robust platform operations.  

For implementing the IT Service Management (ITSM) solution, the customer sought the expertise of INRY, a ServiceNow Elite Partner. INRY’s extensive knowledge of healthcare IT challenges and matching ServiceNow solutions, facilitated the rapid development of the customer’s IT service management solution in alignment with established data and process standards, within 10 weeks. The solution’s implementation encompassed applications from ServiceNow’s ITSM suite, including the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Incident Management, Customer Surveys, Change Management, Knowledge Management, Service Portal, and the Now Mobile and Mobile Agent apps for employees and agents respectively.  

By leveraging ServiceNow’s out-of-the-box ITSM configurations and keeping customizations to a minimum, the implementation addressed existing IT service issues and positioned the customer to continue expanding the platform for scale and IT service excellence in the evolving healthcare landscape.  

PASS Methodology for Rapid Solution Development & Deployment 

The ITSM solution implementation was governed by INRY’s proprietary project management methodology Process Area Specific Sprints (PASS) which emphasizes rapid time to value, project governance, and adherence to ServiceNow development best practices. Throughout the rapid development cycle, INRY collaborated extensively with customer stakeholders in solution design workshops to understand and document the customer’s solution requirements and operational procedures. Existing customer workflows for incident, change, and knowledge management were seamlessly migrated to the Now platform. Avenues for user experience improvement were explored and incorporated into the ITSM solution. With the new solution in place manual processes were eliminated through self-service and automation.  

The ITSM solution implementation included a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to track their IT landscape, Incident Management to ensure IT issues were resolved according to stipulated Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and measure resolution satisfaction, and Change Management to monitor changes to their IT infrastructure and implement a formal governance and review process before changes were made. Knowledge Management was used to host knowledge articles for facilitating employee self-service through the Employee Center portal. In addition, the Employee Center enabled employees to submit IT service requests and report issues. The Employee Center is further complemented by the Now Mobile and Mobile Agent applications, which provide remote access for employees to report and track incidents and requests, as well as read knowledge articles. Additionally, IT agents use the Mobile Agent application to address IT issues on the go.  

As part of the solution implementation, INRY provided the customer with two weeks of Hypercare support post-deployment. The dedicated technical support team was readily available to answer queries, swiftly resolve reported defects, and offer expert assistance in administering the ITSM solution for the customer’s platform administrators and IT teams. 

Committed to Healthcare Excellence 

The customer’s adoption of ServiceNow ITSM represents more than just a technological upgrade; it’s a profound commitment to enhancing IT service delivery and ultimately improving patient care. Guided by INRY’s strategic approach, the customer has set a new standard for innovation in the healthcare industry. As the landscape continues to evolve, the customer’s organization remains at the forefront of transformative progress.
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