ServiceNow Performance Analytics: Everything you need to know
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ServiceNow Performance Analytics: Everything you need to know

ServiceNow Performance Analytics: Everything you need to know

We use applications and devices, like fitness trackers, to measure our daily activities and ensure we are meeting our goals. We benefit from the daily, real time reports that these devices provide and use them to improve ourselves every day. In fact, it wouldn’t make sense if the fitness tracker provided only monthly reports as it would only delay steps that can be taken to improve performance.

Similarly, using monthly reports derived from spreadsheets to make vital business decisions doesn’t make sense either. There is so much data distributed within the organization that you wouldn’t even know where to start. So, a monthly report shared in a PowerPoint presentation isn’t going to be much help in meetings due to the absence of relevant data.

Power your business with performance analytics

In this era of digital transformation, it’s imperative that you enable your business with performance analytics that can give you daily trends and real time actionable insights.

As a service transformation partner, we at INRY leverage the power of ServiceNow Performance Analytics for our clients throughout different industries. Performance analytics lets our clients be proactive rather than reactive, which in turn helps them make informed and timely decisions. We have seen how enabling the right people with the power of data can drive improved business outcomes. Using dashboards, they can anticipate trends, prioritize resources and align services with overall business goals.

Based on the aggregated data from eleven ServiceNow customer interviews, Forrester reports that ServiceNow Performance Analytics has enabled organizations to save $2.5 million annually.

In this blog, we will explore what performance analytics enables you to do and what kind of impact it has created for other organizations. Lastly, we will help you figure out where you are on your path to performance analytics and how you can complete the journey.

Why use ServiceNow performance analytics

Establish a single source of truth

ServiceNow Performance Analytics gives you a one stop dashboard, so you spend more time analyzing charts instead of producing them. With these dashboards, your team will always have the latest data available to engage in fact-based discussions with customers. These dashboards effectively establish a single source of truth.

 We have seen it in action!

RedBrick Health Corporation struggled with a lack of visibility into customer data. After implementing ServiceNow CSM with INRY, RedBrick reduced customer data error rate from 50% to 10% in the first month, thereby establishing a single source of truth. Leveraging performance analytics enabled by the platform, RedBrick leadership was able to monitor and improve SLAs and track the status of existing client contacts for faster resolution. Dashboards with critical views helped RedBrick reduce the number of lost customers.

Take strategic decisions and set your priorities straight

As you measure and analyze the performance of your processes, you can identify new trends. Through correlation of your primary metric and subsequent metrics, you can realize the impact of your actions. For example, there could be a correlation between an incident and change management, and a visualization with analytics and dashboards would make it easy for you to see it. With new information like this, you can make informed decisions and focus on the right priorities and SLAs. You can ensure that you’re measuring yourself on the right scale, so you know when there is a problem.

 We have seen it in action!

Casey’s Retail, a US-based Fortune 500 company, needed deeper insights and reporting on service performance, with respect to defined SLAs and OLAs. As we implemented employee portals, we also helped them leverage performance analytics to plan process improvements and preventive actions. Interactive dashboards, integrated with other systems, enabled ad-hoc analysis.

Here is an example of how we helped them identify trends and redistribute resources for better efficiency. We obtained trends for call volumes during specific periods of time.  Following are the breakdowns that we used to derive a trend:

  • By days of week
  • By week of month
  • By months
  • By hours
  • By Days of Week

ServiceNow Performance Analytics

By Week of Month

ServiceNow Performance Analytics 2

By Month

ServiceNow Performance Analytics 3

By Hours

ServiceNow Performance Analytics 4

By visualizing the trends in the above breakdown, we were able to predict future calls. This allowed Casey’s to ensure that there were adequate number of resources available when the number of incidents increased. Downtime was handled better, thereby saving a lot of time for the managers.

Start where you are

By implementing ServiceNow solutions, we have realized that performance analytics can completely change the game with its fast time-to-value. It enables organizations to improve their services and make them widely available and economical.

With this performance analytics maturity model by ServiceNow, you can now see how far you have come on your path to performance analytics and how far you need to go.

No matter where you are, there is a definite path to transform your services with better visibility.

ServiceNow Performance Analytics

To kick start performance analytics, consider answering these three questions:

  • What decisions does your enterprise hope to make with performance analytics?
  • Do you have high quality data sources available to facilitate those decisions?
  • Who are the key decision makers? What are their needs?

Once you have identified the answers, your organization is ready to implement ServiceNow Performance Analytics. You should know that achieving efficiency with performance analytics is an ongoing process. With your changing business goals, analytics will continue to evolve.

As a ServiceNow Elite partner, INRY will help you leverage performance analytics to drive performance for your organization. We will work closely with your organization to understand your decision making process and specific business goals you hope to achieve with analytics.

Feel free to reach out to us for a quick consultation with one of our experts.

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