Top Five ServiceNow Implementations
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Top Five ServiceNow Implementations

Top Five ServiceNow Implementations

After working with a wide array of organizations in different industries ranging from retail to healthcare, we’ve learned that the tools and features available in ServiceNow are ideal for making the move towards automation for better security and improved efficiency through enhanced data management.

Even in scenarios where organizations where in the early stages of implementing ServiceNow, the advantages of utilizing this dynamic platform were visible. We stress the importance of full implementation, but nevertheless, businesses have begun to reap higher than estimated benefits before this occurs.

The following case studies will illustrate how current ServiceNow customers have been able to garner perks from cutting‑edge data and security management procedures.

Like many school districts, Keller ISD was not only concerned with student success in test preparation, graduation rates, and college acceptance, but they wanted efficient systems to help them stay on budget. The paperwork nightmare that hid behind the scenes was overwhelming and tied up a lot of resources. With automation, these tasks could be more easily dealt with, especially requests that required follow-up. Still, obsolete methods such as paper filing systems were continuously being utilized.

The area that generated the greatest uneasiness was the one concerning the legal department. Inefficiencies in a crucial component such as this one typically carry serious repercussions, so a push was made to streamline the workflow without greatly straining or increasing the employee base. Keller ISD knew that the most palpable solution was to migrate the intake process towards a secure cloud platform that exhibited powerful automation tools and substantial security features.

INRY’s expertise was requested in order to create a structured workflow enabling digital completion of requests. Through ServiceNow, the team could now see a timestamp for notes, approvals, and attachments for all entries.

ServiceNow effectively became a communication audit trail. Lifetime Fitness was faced with the challenge of coordinating large scale operations for accounting, payroll, HR, and finance departments. On top of this, the company had thousands of emails and requests to address that were resulting in backlogs. This, in turn, placed a strain on the staff who had to spend a disproportionate amount of time on tasks not related to their immediate expertise. In addition, rerouting requests and addressing issues regarding multiple departments were eating up time.

The company opted to create a Business Services team to tackle the emerging issues. This team determined that it was essential to adopt a centralized platform that supported ongoing training and contained a unified repository of information needed to address the obstacles that the company was facing. This would streamline operations but would also allow individual team members to learn independently.

ServiceNow became the obvious choice as it also supports a self-service approach. INRY instituted procedures that enhanced the business process. For example, it created a “Re-Case” form within the ServiceNow platform to address the backlog in communication and requests. INRY regularly addresses the interest in ServiceNow from several large fortune 500 clients. Typically, these companies are searching for tools to enhance their customer service, HR and asset management departments; and ServiceNow provides a powerful single platform to address their needs.

However, before adopting ServiceNow, INRY managed several different processes to acquire solutions for different challenges that these companies may have faced, which made the efforts to address these numerous obstacles more complex than needed. Consolidation was a natural next step for INRY as well, and adoption of ServiceNow allowed the company to better counsel other entities regarding adopting a single platform to manage their data and security concerns.

Through INRY’s PASS methodology, ServiceNow implementation is fast and efficient, and it is what enabled INRY to transition so fast as well. This transformation occurs by first identifying key areas where ServiceNow could be leveraged immediately with minimal customization.

Within 6 business days from the start date, INRY went live on ServiceNow. Data including assets, contracts and projects were successfully imported and other platforms were consequently shut down. As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, INRY’s team is seasoned regarding platform adoption and use. Having achieved full implementation in record time simply showcases the expertise and experience of the team.

At the head of 2,000 stores and over 30,000 employees, Casey’s needed to find an efficient way to address communication gaps, update reporting capabilities for more accurate data collection, and bridge communication gaps.

Highly dependent on field services, any delay in communication or information relay could greatly impact the outstanding customer experience that the company was expected to provide. Casey’s reputation spoke for itself. The company was especially popular for hasty service as much as for the high quality of freshly prepared food items.

ServiceNow was key in revolutionizing communications and was even implemented 3 months ahead of schedule through INRY’s PASS method. Constant feedback also helped accelerate the process. The implementation of the platform brought efficiency and accuracy, which in turn reduced the time required to resolve store issues. The time spent in stores was reduced up to 66%. Company visibility of the store operations increased, and the reliability of field service communications did exponentially as well. Along with these benefits, the company saw an outstanding 40% cut in operational cost. Some of the implementation features that were key are the following: Delivered Store Portal, Field Service App, Service Catalog, Performance Analytics, Orchestration, Service Portal and PPM.

American Greetings mission is to create thoughtful social expression products to make the world a more thoughtful and caring place. It has a global presence and over 14,000 employees working towards this goal. Sometimes, however, the Field Services Operations team fell short of this goal and failed to meet customer expectations. Customer relations were not satisfactory and were misaligned with the company’s mission.

The challenges that American Greetings faced were centered around inconsistent and sometimes impersonal customer service, which in turn was produced fragmented service, outdated and unnecessarily complex processes as well as third party reliance. Through INRY, these challenges were tackled by merging all call centers and establishing a single center of excellence with ServiceNow CSM. Innovative solutions were also applied to revolutionize complex processes which helped streamline workflow.

INRY executed the project well ahead of schedule by first introducing a structured workshop that helped identify possible ServiceNow integrations. After this, the PASS methodology was implemented to make a smooth transition. Interactive voice response menus were tested and implemented within 4 months, and featured call recording software. New staff members were brought on board and training programs were implemented to strengthen the human element. Finally, a 4-week phased call center integration was achieved.

All these implementations and changes helped improve customer service by resolving issues faster, responding to common problems more efficiently, and getting a much better idea of customer needs before addressing obstacles.After viewing the following case studies, we hope that you can see how ServiceNow customers have been able to reap the benefits from this cutting-edge platform. Using a centralized process to identify, address, and continuously monitor risks that may negatively impact your business operations, ServiceNow works to provide a wide array of tools to cut costs and slash time spent on manual data managing tasks.

The benefits of using a single platform that allows your business to analyze data, coordinate training, prioritize tasks and organize reports and statements are self-evident.

We pride ourselves as a preferred ServiceNow Implementation partner, that understands the small distinctions that can make all the difference between an ordinary, average ServiceNow Implementation realizing at-par business value and best-in-class implementations that maximize the real, tangible business value of IT. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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