Revolutionizing Employee Lifecycle Events - A Breakthrough in ServiceNow HRSD Excellence
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Revolutionizing Employee Lifecycle Events - A Breakthrough in ServiceNow HRSD Excellence

Revolutionizing Employee Lifecycle Events - A Breakthrough in ServiceNow HRSD Excellence

Michigan supplier partners with INRY and ServiceNow to revolutionize employee life cycle events with the ServiceNow HRSD solution.


A leading public utility in Michigan, it has been illuminating lives and powering communities since its inception in 1886. As the largest energy supplier in the state, it has earned a reputation for delivering reliable and affordable electricity and natural gas to millions of residents and businesses. 

With a large team of over 8,000 dedicated employees, digital transformation of HR processes was the need of the hour to stay ahead of the competition.

Key Challenges

  • Tracking a large number of employee events like employee onboarding, internal transfers, and offboarding was cumbersome without a dedicated system (single system of truth).
  • Manual and paper-heavy process for processing employee lifecycle events.
  • Lack of automation hampered HR task consistency and efficiency.

To tackle these challenges, the client turned to ServiceNow's robust HR Service Delivery (HRSD) platform. They partnered with INRY, a leading expert in HRSD solutions. Together, they embarked on an exciting journey to implement the ServiceNow HRSD lifecycle event solution. Within just 6 weeks, the utility firm witnessed a seamless transition to an automated and efficient offboarding process, among many others.

The HRSD Lifecycle Events solution provided an integrated platform where HR personnel, employees, and various departments could collaborate, communicate, and complete their respective tasks, including capturing employee information, filling compliance forms, and managing department-specific requirements. The ServiceNow platform automated task-based workflows, improved task visibility, and ensured efficient coordination among multiple HR Teams.

Throughout the project, INRY's project team stood firmly by the customer side, readily available to address challenges and offer ongoing support. The HR team seamlessly shifted to the new work approach, resulting in successful implementation.​​​


The implementation of the HRSD Lifecycle Events solution yielded remarkable results. Within six months of deployment, the company witnessed a significant transformation in its HR processes.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: What used to take 3-4 weeks to complete offboarding now takes only one week, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Enhanced SLA Compliance: They achieved higher SLA compliance rates. Streamlined workflows and real-time tracking enabled HR services to promptly address potential bottlenecks, ensuring they completed employee journey processes within the designated timelines.
  • Reduced Errors: The customer experienced cost savings in HR operations by automating workflows and reducing manual interventions. The optimized processes led to resource optimization and minimized potential errors, resulting in financial benefits for the organization.

INRY's unwavering dedication played a pivotal role in transforming HR processes successfully. Collaboration, expertise, and a shared vision mark the journey of elevating employee experiences to new heights. Through the partnership, the customer embraced the power of innovation, ensuring a thriving workforce continues fueling the company's mission of powering Michigan's future.
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