US Health Insurance Organization

US Health Insurance Organization transforms the way their teams collaborate to resolve Security Incidents

  • Client
    US Health Insurance
  • Industry
  • Employees
  • Solution
    ServiceNow Security
    Incident Response


Lack of a centralized repository to track security incidents
Coordinated security response
Compliance with HIPAA and HITECH


Integration of Workday and other tools

A Centralized repository on ServiceNow provided a single place for tracking and reporting incidents and helped accelerate resolution activities

Automated workflows

Automated creation of tasks with alerts improved coordination between IT, Privacy, Legal and Security teams in resolving and reporting security incidents

Complete tracking and task-level visibility

Automated calculation of the Harm/Risk level on ServiceNow Security Incident Response ensures standardization across analysts


Notifications and alerts ensure that communication between teams is aligned and disseminated in a coordinated and timely manner

As a major health insurance provider, the client needed a system to track and report privacy-related security incidents to comply with various standards including HIPAA and HITECH. Without a repository to track security incidents, they were manually tracking close to 100 attributes on each incident. They also needed to ensure coordinated effort while responding to incidents.

INRY implemented ServiceNow® Security Incident Response to help the client capture all the necessary data elements and improve coordination between teams to resolve the incidents.

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