Valleywise Innovates Workplace Services to Drive Colleague Collaboration
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Valleywise Innovates Workplace Services to Drive Colleague Collaboration

Valleywise Innovates Workplace Services to Drive Colleague Collaboration

As an early leader in WSD solution delivery, INRY was an ideal partner to help Valleywise Health deliver a state-of-the-art Reservation Management solution.

The Mission

Valleywise Health is a healthcare network based in the growing community of Maricopa Country, Arizona. Comprised of a hospital, behavioral centers, clinics, emergency care, and community health facilities, Valleywise Health is expanding to meet the growing demand for healthcare in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Like most healthcare networks, Valleywise Health has diverse and far-flung facilities for direct patient care and back-office operations. As expectations around hybrid work have evolved following the COVID pandemic, Valleywise Health has recognized the challenges associated with effectively managing shared facilities.

The Opportunity

In the face of a growing facilities footprint, safety and security requirements, and logistic complexity coming from an increasing number of hybrid workers, Valleywise Health needed to look at options. The organization's existing Meeting Room Manager (MRM) application used to schedule meeting/conference rooms throughout the organization was at the end of life (EOL). It could no longer address requirements around facility reservations.

Valleywise Health required an innovative solution for scheduling meeting rooms, allowing administrative staff and management to reserve rooms for meetings and other gatherings necessary for business operations.

Valleywise knew that ServiceNow's Employee Experience platform, specifically Workplace Service Delivery (WSD), was well-suited to these requirements and potential future requirements around visitor management and workplace safety. As an early leader in ServiceNow WSD solution delivery, INRY was an ideal partner to help Valleywise Health deliver a state-of-the-art Reservation Management solution that included:

  • An Employee Center portal for accessing reservation request forms to make it easy to reserve a room or other shared facility.
  • An integrated Outlook plug-in, so reservation requestors can make their reservation via an Outlook invite if that's more convenient than accessing the Employee Center portal.
  • Business services to support not just room reservations but also associated amenities – such as catering requests – to give colleagues an authentic "consumer level" experience and help make shared workspaces a magnet for "international interactions" that build team cohesion and productivity.

The Results

Through its adoption of ServiceNow's Workplace Services Delivery, the Valleywise team has realized benefits for its colleagues that include:

  • Greater ease of use when reserving shared facilities for team meetings, planning sessions, and celebrations. By providing multiple options to reserve meeting spaces -- including Portal, Portal widgets, and Microsoft Outlook, Valleywise makes it easy for teams to gather for more impactful in-person meetings.
  • Improved employee experience thanks to seamless access to ancillary services that can help make meetings more engaging, productive, and comfortable. By making it easy for facilities requestors to plan amenities like catering, gatherings can deliver an actual white-glove experience for attendees. Other back-office services like meeting room setup, cleaning, repair, maintenance, and so on are also easy to configure to ensure that the right facilities teams are engaged for greater flexibility and efficiency.
  • Deeper insight into which facilities are returning value to the organization. As many teams have learned since the pandemic, hybrid and remote work have reduced the required office footprint requirement. But the scope of facilities adjustments is often hard to gauge and may be limited by anecdotal information. By collecting data on reservations, organizations like Valleywise get the information they need to make more informed facilities and facilities services investment decisions.

INRY and ServiceNow are leaders in helping organizations like Valleywise extend exceptional Employee Experience beyond enterprise services like HR, IT, or Operations and into the workplace. Organizations can enjoy more secure, sustainable, and compliant workplace services by making interaction with workplace facilities easy and productive.
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