HR Integrations for ServiceNow
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HR Integrations for ServiceNow

HR Integrations for ServiceNow

Organizations use multiple HR systems to deliver a modern employee experience. When employees have to switch between different systems to access information, it does not provide a seamless experience. To create seamless experiences, organizations must create an integrated and unified system that helps both employees and HR teams.

When multiple systems are involved, inefficient integrations with ServiceNow can pose significant challenges during an organization's Digital HR Transformation journey. Many organizations seek strategic direction and a roadmap for simplifying Human Capital Systems integrations with ServiceNow.

In this webinar, INRY's HR product owner Vishal Raghavan will explain how connecting HR applications efficiently can improve the end-user experience and engagement with HR, and deliver more accurate reporting and data analysis.

Some of the key topics covered during this webinar include:

  • Challenges to delivering a digital HR experience
  • Important considerations when creating a digital experience center
  • Going through the different methods of integrations
  • Securing the information and access to data


Picture of Vishal Raghavan
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Vishal Raghavan

Principal Consultant at INRY

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