Webinar: Consumerizing Employee Experience to Retain and Grow Talent in Financial Services
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Webinar: Consumerizing Employee Experience to Retain and Grow Talent in Financial Services

Webinar: Consumerizing Employee Experience to Retain and Grow Talent in Financial Services


Financial services institutions (FSI) face unprecedented change due to market conditions, the global risk environment, and industry consolidation. To turn this fast pace of transformation into a competitive advantage, FSIs must optimize their biggest expense – their talent investment.

Attraction and retention of the best talent require an orchestration of employee lifecycle events to deliver a consumerized employee experience. With the ease of access to HR, Facilities, Finance, IT, and Legal services provided through an employee experience platform like ServiceNow, FSIs can effectively support their growing workforce.

As part of this informative roundtable, we’ll talk about how ServiceNow and INRY can help financial services organizations realize the full potential of their talent investments through better employee experience and HR Services Delivery. The discussion will include Western Union’s Head of HR Technology and People Analytics, Allison Michael, as well as industry experts from INRY and ServiceNow.

In this webinar, Allison, Kristin, and Vishal go over the details of how Service Now's Employee Experience and HR Service Delivery solutions helped Western Union:
  • Acquire new talent and retain existing expertise
  • Promote and enforce accountability to corporate and industry best practices
  • Foster a strong cultural identity across departments, and locations

Highlights from the webinar:

Kristin Streett

04:23 - Bill McDermott on why digital transformation for employees goes

mainstream and how it affects organizations in a post-covid world

06:04 - Factors driving employee experience investments in FinServ - excerpts from

an IBM study

12:07 - Top 3 priorities for HR leaders in the next 18-24 months - insights from a

McKinsey survey

14:40 - COVID-19 forced 92% of executives to rethink how work gets done C-Suite

imperatives for 2021 - a Wakefield 2020 research study

45:15 - The total economic impact of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

Allison Michael

16:28 - How optimizing talent investments are imperatives for success - the

Western Union way of work

19:37 - What drove investments in HRSD at Western Union - retaining personal

connection and ensuring efficiency across the globe

22:50 - ServiceNow is an integral part of an ongoing HRIS journey at Western Union

- the timeline

24:55 - "Consumerized employee experience means getting rid of the black hole" -

this is paramount to understand employee expectations

29:25 - The impact of HR Service Delivery at Western Union - partnering with INRY

for continuous improvement

31:30 - Demo time - Western Union's HRSD portal

Vishal Raghavan

48:15 - A typical HRSD timeline and INRY's crawl, walk, run strategy

49:39 - Other Employee experience stories in Healthcare and Retail


Picture of Allison Michael
Guest Speaker
Allison Michael

Head of HR Technology and People Analytics, Western Union

Picture of Kristin Streett
Guest Speaker
Kristin Streett

Head of Banking Industry, Americas at ServiceNow

Picture of Vishal Raghavan
INRY Speaker
Vishal Raghavan

Product Owner and Solution Strategist, Employee Experience

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