Formulating a Great Service Experience for Physicians Starts with Onboarding
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Formulating a Great Service Experience for Physicians Starts with Onboarding

Formulating a Great Service Experience for Physicians Starts with Onboarding

Staffing leaders at healthcare organizations acknowledge that physician onboarding is both costly and time-consuming. When it takes more than 90 days to onboard a physician, it also presents ample opportunities to improve the experience while saving dollars. A redesigned onboarding process created with the right platform can deliver a consumer-like physician experience that positively affects patient engagement quality.

SCL Health faced unprecedented challenges last year, as pandemic pressures pushed legacy tools and processes to the breaking point, causing a ripple effect on physician hiring and onboarding. They tackled this challenge by investing in ServiceNow to change the status quo and bring new talent into the workforce with greater speed, safety, and efficiency.

Amy Yankovich, System Director, Service Management at SCL Health, and her colleague Cisco Sedillo, System Director Provider Recruitment, are responsible for achieving this vision. Amy and Cisco worked with Vishal Raghavan at INRY and Rhonda Blatti (Senior Director, Employee Workflows at ServiceNow) to deploy a healthcare worker onboarding solution that leverages ServiceNow's Employee Experience solution capabilities to deliver positive first experiences for caregivers joining their organization.

In this webinar, Amy, Rhonda, Cisco, and Vishal reviewed:

  • Some of the critical challenges in talent engagement and onboarding faced by healthcare organizations
  • SCL Health's progress towards realizing the full potential of the ServiceNow platform
  • The ROI SCL Health is seeing from this solution, including operational and cumulative savings

Highlights from the webinar:

Rhonda Blatti

03:50 - What's at stake for healthcare providers?

04:51 - The physician journey during moments that matter

06:58 - Benefits for key stakeholders 

Francisco Sedillo

08:42 - SCL Health snapshot

10:51 - The legacy process at SCL

12:28 - Focus through guiding principles

13:55 - Setting the stage for onboarding transformation

Amy Yankovich

15:21 - Aligned technology strategy

16:45 - A better, simpler way to onboard

18:15 - The redesigned process by the numbers

Vishal Raghavan

19:55 - The technology for delivering a better new hire experience

23:10 - The implementation of the future state vision

26:05 - A demo of the solution

37:30 - The roadmap ahead for SCL Health

Q&A from the webinar:

40:45 - What type of credentialling does SCL Health utilize?

41:10 - Who is the e-signature integration with - DocuSign or another third party?


Picture of Amy Yankovich
Guest Speaker
Amy Yankovich

Systems Director, Service Management, SCL Health

Picture of Rhonda Blatti
Guest Speaker
Rhonda Blatti

Director, Employee Workflows at ServiceNow

Picture of Cisco Sedillo
Guest Speaker
Cisco Sedillo

System Director, Provider Recruitment, SCL Health

Picture of Vishal Raghavan
INRY Speaker
Vishal Raghavan

Product Owner and Solution Strategist, Employee Experience

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