Webinar: How Aon is Transforming for Growth with ServiceNow and INRY
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Webinar: How Aon is Transforming for Growth with ServiceNow and INRY

Webinar: How Aon is Transforming for Growth with ServiceNow and INRY


Aon PLC is a leading global professional services firm providing risk, retirement, and health solutions. Thriving in an industry marked by heavy mergers and acquisitions is not easy. To put it in perspective, Aon completed 400 acquisitions in the last decade. Aon's growth has been dramatic, but the process integration challenges of such a large organization, spanning hundreds of acquisitions, business units, and regional centers, are massive.

Aon wanted to fully realize the economies of scale that come with their size if their branches and subsidiary businesses act like SMBs. To grow to the fullest extent, Aon needed to look to platforms and providers to remove process and technology barriers between branches, departments, customers, and colleagues. 

In this webinar, Aon's Global ITSM Process & Platform Lead, Bharti Sharma, ServiceNow's Head of Insurance - Americas, Chirag Jindal, and INRY's CEO, Bipin Paracha, will discuss the following:

  • Identifying opportunities for growth in an organization that's combined more than 400 companies
  • Delivering value-added customer-facing services in a scalable, consistent, transparent manner
  • How ServiceNow and INRY helped Aon's team address these growth opportunities?
  • Finding the right platform and the right partner
  • Leveraging ServiceNow as the platform of platforms for enabling customer-facing services across Aon’s many branches and subsidiary business units

ServiceNow provided an ideal solution capable of delivering single platform coverage of customer, IT, employee, and creator workflows. As one of the most highly regarded Elite partners with a 10-year history of delivery and innovation excellence, INRY was ideally positioned to help Aon realize the full benefit of its ServiceNow investment.

Join us for the webinar to learn how Aon realized substantial benefits like:

  • Thanks to process standardization and ease of access, Aon increased productivity for sales, quoting, underwriting, and onboarding.
  • They improved revenue growth and sales efficacy with timely service, adherence to sales and quoting best practices, and improved customer access to self-service options. 
  • Aon lowered operational costs for transverse services that can be shared and accessed readily across branches, subsidiaries, regions.


Picture of Bharti Sharma
Guest Speaker
Bharti Sharma

Global ITSM Process & Platform Lead at Aon

Picture of Bipin Paracha
INRY Speaker
Bipin Paracha


Picture of Chirag Jindal
Guest Speaker
Chirag Jindal

Head of Insurance, Americas at ServiceNow

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