What it Takes to Make The FT 500 List: INRY's Success Story
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What it Takes to Make The FT 500 List: INRY's Success Story

What it Takes to Make The FT 500 List: INRY's Success Story

INRY is recognized as one of the top 500 fastest-growing companies in America by Financial Times

For the third year in a row, INRY made it to the Financial Times list of 500 Fastest-Growing Companies in the Americas for 2022. INRY's consistent inclusion in the list reflects our resilience, ability to innovate, and strong performance as we adapted to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our clients and colleagues. This is a tremendous honor, and it would not have been possible without our team's hard work and dedication.

The FT list is created after an extensive evaluation of companies from North, Central, and South America. To be included, businesses must have met certain criteria, including revenue growth and employee headcount. We are grateful to be recognized for our achievements, and we will continue to be responsive to the needs of our clients and partners at ServiceNow.

So what are some of the lessons that INRY has learned about sustaining this kind of growth?

Building the Leadership Team to Scale the Business

The first step in the hiring process was to bring in leaders in strategic roles, including hiring a VP of Human Resources, a Chief Financial Officer, a Chief Revenue Officer, and a Director of Strategy. Under the guidance of these new leadership roles, the team has helped reorganize and grow our delivery, go-to-market, and finance organizations to meet the demands of the growing ServiceNow market, which is expanding at an annual rate of more than 30%.

  • VP of Human Resources: With a leader at the helm, the HR team designed a new approach to talent pipelining and driving strategic imperatives.
  • Director of Strategy: The marketing team grew dramatically with several new hires in the US and India on the go-to-market side. 
  • Chief Revenue Officer: The Sales team was reorganized and diverged to create separate groups for new customer acquisition and strategic account management of existing customer accounts.
  • Chief Financial Officer: For Financial operations, this meant streamlining internal reporting processes and providing the business intelligence needed to rationalize and measure the impact of its internal and customer investments.

Enhancing Colleague Engagement & Experience to Grow Our Talent

INRY was already operating a hybrid work model before the pandemic. The new normal made us rethink this model and prompted us to incorporate flexibility - hiring and working from anywhere, anytime. 

  • Diversity - Opened the doors for colleagues, both women, and experienced workforce, who wanted to return to work after a career break by creating relevant training plans.
  • Learning & Development: Fostering a culture of continuous learning by creating opportunities for reskilling and cross-skilling.
  • Skill & Role Alignment: Defining the job role based on skills and proven capabilities to unlock true potential.
  • Connection, Communication, Collaboration: Propagating a collaborative culture of helping each other succeed by creating new channels for open communication, promoting transparency, and providing a space for people to connect over shared interests and hobbies.
  • Colleague Wellbeing: Prioritizing physical, mental, and emotional health through employee wellness programs, informative sessions by experts to create awareness, and team bonding activities to improve work relationships.
  • Workplace Experience: INRY is excited to welcome its colleagues to a new and redesigned workspace. This workspace reflects our unique culture and provides hybrid workers with a place for face-to-face colleague interaction when appropriate. 

Staying True to Our Values, No Matter What

INRY strives to foster a highly inclusive workplace culture that provides a supportive environment for colleagues. INRY was founded 11 years ago by Anu Bulusu, an Indian woman who moved to the United States in the 1990s to realize the American Dream. 

Since its inception, INRY has strived to cultivate a workplace culture of flexibility, accountability, integrity, and respect for the individual in ways that include: 

  • Liberal flex-time and time off policies: INRY colleagues have no expectations concerning set work hours. We understand that both work and personal commitments ebb and flow, and as empowered adults, they are free to do what is needed to attend to both. 
  • An emphasis on continuous learning: An attribute common to all at INRY is a love of learning. This is reflected in our investments in our systems, processes, methodologies, and curricula for our colleagues to grow in areas where they show passion and aptitude. 
  • Investment in early career talent: At INRY, we value the skills and talents of employees of all ages, but we are focused on helping early-career professionals grow and reach their full potential. Our investments in learning management, performance management, and early career talent engagement aim to find the best and brightest minds and help them to reach their potential. 
  • Focus on bringing more women into high-tech: INRY believes that the goal should be 50% representation by women in all technical, leadership, and operational roles. We are focused on bringing more women onto the team, which is currently at 34%. As a woman-owned organization, this commitment is near and dear to our hearts.

Through these and other initiatives, INRY strives to create a workplace that is welcoming, supportive, and conducive to bringing out the best in each of us. 

We are proud to have made this list, and we will continue to work hard to grow at an even faster pace in the years to come. Thank you, FT, for this recognition, and thank you to our clients and partners for your support.

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