We take pride in our ability to execute and deliver high impact and value for our clients. Build rhythm of work with INRY, one of the fastest growing ServiceNow Elite Partner.


We assist organizations using our consultative implementation services using ServiceNow solutions. Our goal is to transform legacy and unstructured work patterns by using ServiceNow’s integrated, automated, and intelligent systems of the future with effortless integration support from INRY.

Leveraging the tools within ServiceNow allows employees, customers and machines to interact on a single cloud platform. We will guide you through a successful transition to create a new level of collaboration, communication, insights, and timely action throughout the organization.

We help make your transformation journey as effortless as possible with our proprietary methodology for rapid implementation of ServiceNow solutions. We use Process Area Specific Sprints (PASS) with 3 tiers of services – Essentials, Targeted, and Advanced. We work in an agile way to implement capabilities with speed and delivery.

All our activities have four ingredients baked into them right from design phase – Efficient, Agile, Secure Experiences (EASE).

Process Area Specific Sprints (PASS)

Our delivery methodology ‘Process Area Specific Sprints’ (PASS) allows us to deploy ServiceNow capabilities faster. We focus on delivering tangible return on investment by evaluating business objectives and breaking requirements down into logical Process Areas to create functional deliverables. Capabilities for each Process Area are delivered using an agile sprint of no more than 2 ~ 4 weeks.

We offer three tiers of implementation services as part of PASS: Essentials, Targeted, and Advanced. INRY’s tiers of service are designed to offer simple and innovative approaches that help realize value faster with high margins, ease of scale and sustainability.


Our Essentials tier provides clients with a pure ServiceNow out of the box experience with zero configuration. Clients are quickly enabled to leverage the modernization, automation, and intelligence powered by the ServiceNow platform; starting in as little as 2 to 4 weeks.


Our Targeted tier is designed for clients with a few requirements for automation beyond ServiceNow out of the box solutions. INRY’s structured approach to ServiceNow configuration targeted to specific client needs enables clients to get ready for implementation within 4 to 8 weeks.


The Advanced tier is targeted toward clients with large, complex processes, and environments. Organizations can leverage INRY’s process knowledge and extensive experience to extend the platform by customizing ServiceNow to client processes, and integrations across various applications.

Enablement and Adoption Services

Typical implementation services end with deployment of the ServiceNow solution in a production environment with couple of weeks of post deployment support. We however, we understand that implementations need support after deployment. We offer extended engagement support while your users start familiarizing themselves with the system. We provide you with periodic insights and mentoring to ensure your success.

Below is a high level visual of how we typically support our clients post deployment. The exact scope and nature of engagement is finalized within the contract.