Digital Transformation is all about

Meeting Today's Employee Expectations


HR Service Delivery to engage and retain today’s workforce while you focus on challenging tasks and streamlining processes. Deliver personalized digital HR interaction that employees expect from their real-life experiences.


Talent acquisition, workforce development, and other systems to create a consolidated system of engagement between various departments. Improve process efficiency by simplifying access to information, resolve issues faster using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and accelerate your productivity with mobile apps.


Recruiting, onboarding, performance implementation, system optimization, and integrations by implementing digital management practices and agile organizational design. Reimagine HR and build integrated digital HR strategies to develop your organization’s digital mindset and work as a team.

Leveraging Your Existing Investments

Digital HR redefines employee experience and make work easier by integrating existing cloud, mobile, social, and analytics technologies. Focus more on adopting real-time operations and decision-making than on process forms and transactions. Prioritize on connecting, automating, and leveraging your existing investments.


Service Now plays well with HCM tools such as Workday, Oracle, SAP SuccessFactors, Lawson. Streamline user interactions across these platforms to create unified digital experience.

Third-party Services

Secure integrations from Payroll, learning, benefits to ensure data security and maintain audit compliance.

Internal Tools

Enable and extend the use of internal investments in documents, policies, and internal collaboration tools like SharePoint.

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Continuously innovating to deliver new solutions

Leverage Artificial Intelligence delivered by ServiceNow to simplify and automate decision making to focus on people, work and platforms

  • Virtual Agents (VA) provide an automated chat service for most of their HR needs.
  • Use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to enable the system to learn and respond to human-expressed intent.
  • Optimize employee productivity, engagement, teamwork, and career growth by providing a single digital interface.
  • Implement Machine Learning, Predictive Intelligence classification framework, similarity, and clustering framework to analyze complex data, identify patterns, and deliver accurate results.

Learn more about how we are partnering with ServiceNow in these emerging areas

Digital Transformation Services

ROADMAP Consulting

Assess current state, identify people, process and technology implementation plan

Project Management Office

Project Managers, coordinators with process and tools to deliver transformation objectives

Adoption services
Adoption Services

Post go live services to increase adoption of technologies and process implemented