A Leading Global Manufacturer Makes Employee Experience a Priority
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A Leading Global Manufacturer Makes Employee Experience a Priority

A Leading Global Manufacturer Makes Employee Experience a Priority

INRY worked with the customer to implement a leading-edge HRSD solution based on ServiceNow, which provides a platform for elevating the experience of its worldwide workforce.

The Mission

A world leader in automotive transmissions and hybrid propulsion products, evolving from its roots a century ago as an engine and aerospace manufacturing innovator. Today, the Indianapolis-based company supplies high-performance products integrated into large-scale land and marine transportation equipment worldwide.

With a global presence in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, the organization faces complex Human Resources challenges as it grows in competitive labor markets. The organization also includes a substantial Union Auto Workers contingent, whose expertise is essential to their competitive strength.

The Opportunity

Like many organizations whose history spans over a century, the customer had mature processes for most Human Resources functions.

Although the processes were well established, facilitating them relied on email and phone calls instead of more automated systems.

For an organization with scale and sophistication, legacy processes could no longer scale to meet global ambitions.

The customer also recognized that its partnership with its union workforce meant bringing a new level of agility, transparency, and accountability to all workplace grievances. A way to streamline employee relations to ensure prompt, compliant handling of inbound requests would suit union employees, , and customers.

The customer understood that ServiceNow HRSD is an ideal platform for elevating the experience of its worldwide workforce and worked with INRY to implement a leading-edge solution comprised of:

  • An Employee Center Pro Portal that provides a single point of contact for a wide range of HR-related requests for teammates around the globe.
  • Robust self-service options, including a Knowledgebase and Virtual Agent, provide workers 24x7 access to commonly requested information on policies, procedures, compensation, benefits, and other information areas.
  • HR Case Management with HR services configuration aimed at providing swift, accurate responses to those requests that cannot be resolved by self-service using fulfiller resources that are appropriately skilled and accountable to a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Enterprise integrations to ensure that the ServiceNow solution would deliver a seamless, end-to-end experience for colleagues needing HR services support, with interfaces to systems like:
    • Workday HCM for access to compensation and benefits data via that system of record.
    • MuleSoft integration platform to extend access to other enterprise applications and data sources that may be relevant to HR service use cases.

The Results

Through its partnership with INRY and its use of the ServiceNow Employee Experience solution, the customer has realized immediate benefits that include:

  • An Employee-centric experience to make it easy for the organization to access HR services and support. With an intuitive portal and accountable mechanisms for submitting requests where needed, calls and emails to HR teams have dropped dramatically.
  • Mobile access to ensure that all the workers, particularly those in manufacturing roles that may have limited access to desktop devices, will be fully supported wherever and whenever they require support from their Human Resources team.
  • More compliant, responsive labor relations to help ensure that the customer is investing in its partnership with its union workers. By automating the processes by which union grievances are filed, tracked, and processed, the customer realized significant HR and Legal cost savings while elevating the level of service provided to its union colleagues.
  • Increased HR capacity thanks to a solution that provides robust self-service options and (where needed) aligns the request type with the appropriately skilled resource, freeing up HR teams for more strategic workforce planning essential to the organization’s growth.

Through its work with INRY and ServiceNow, the organization has built an Employee Experience infrastructure to help power its workforce into its next century of innovation. As the company charts its course for the future, it does so with confidence that its systems and processes for managing Human Resources Services Delivery will scale and adapt to address the company's ever-evolving opportunities.

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