A Healthcare Organization Adopts ServiceNow ITSM to Improve IT services
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A Healthcare Organization Adopts ServiceNow ITSM to Improve IT services

A Healthcare Organization Adopts ServiceNow ITSM to Improve IT services

The customer recognized that INRY was well-positioned to assist with the adoption of ServiceNow ITSM solution.

The Mission

A not-for-profit healthcare system dedicated to serving the medical needs of patients in Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota. Spanning both cities and far-flung rural areas, the organization includes a range of primary and specialty care clinics, branch locations, surgery centers, care units, and a hospital.

The organization recognized early on the benefits digital medicine could bring to its patients and communities. Their vision is to be a national leader in clinical quality, service, safety, and value. Their team recognizes Information technology as a core enabler of this mission.

The Opportunity

With its broad geographical footprint and a network of 14 regional partnerships, the customer relies on efficient, always-on IT services to power its operations. Whether through electronic medical record systems focused on core patient care information or ancillary systems dedicated to back-office administration, finance, communications, or support, IT services are integral to the day-to-day functioning of its business.

As the customer sought to enhance IT services responsiveness to match patients' ever-evolving needs and its operations at large, it chose to rely on ServiceNow ITSM solution as a powerful enabler of IT services transformation.

Working closely with INRY, the customer embarked on a wide-ranging project for the adoption of ServiceNow ITSM capabilities, including:

  • A powerful IT Service Portal and Knowledge base aimed at empowering IT service consumers through self-service options available anytime, anywhere they need to resolve minor issues that may not require human intervention.
  • Incident and Major Incident Management to help the organization better capture and respond to incidents by capturing all the actionable information for more informed, efficient response by IT teams.
  • Change Management capabilities to allow the customer IT teams to update and modernize their processes in ways that enhance service efficiency while avoiding service disruptions.
  • A Service Catalog with Service Level Agreement definitions to make it easier for colleagues within the organization to access critical IT services and understand the commitments from IT regarding request acknowledgment and resolution.

Reporting and Dashboards to help both request fulfillers and IT leaders understand the makeup of inbound requests and incidents, process or resource-related bottlenecks, and areas of enhancement to make IT services more responsive to the needs of the business.

The Results

Thanks to the adoption of the ServiceNow ITSM solution and the partnership with INRY to implement the solution in less than 12 weeks, the customer has realized compelling results that include:

  • Ad hoc IT service requests are dramatically reduced from poorly managed channels like email or phone, with improved request visibility and responsiveness.
  • More agile, effective resolution of inbound requests related to incidents that impact IT services availability. 
  • Streamlined capture of requests and incidents for mission-critical systems, including the organization’s Cerner Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, resulting in improved system availability and a higher return on investment.
  • Deeper insight into IT service trends, performance against SLA benchmarks, and opportunities for enhancement.

In the wake of this project, the customer also engaged INRY to transform its customer service management capabilities through the adoption of ServiceNow CSM. Through a broad strategy that includes process digitization and modernization across its enterprise, the customer has helped advance its important mission of patient care through more timely, impactful, and transparent IT and business services.

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