A Leading Healthcare Provider Delivers World-class Employee Experience
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A Leading Healthcare Provider Delivers World-class Employee Experience

A Leading Healthcare Provider Delivers World-class Employee Experience

INRY and ServiceNow collaborated to deliver a state-of-the-art solution, enhancing HR support for a growing customer organization, boosting employee satisfaction and capacity.

The Mission

The customer is a fast-growing healthcare network comprised of clinics, outpatient centers, and hospitals spanning a four-state region. With almost 30,000 employees, the customer is committed to its mission of exceptional care, patient ease and convenience, and community wellness.

The organization started as Twin City Hospital in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, almost 130 years ago and has grown steadily through organic expansion and acquisition. As the organization sought to elevate employee experience as part of a concerted effort to retain its world-class talent, it turned to ServiceNow and INRY.

The Opportunity

The customer organization's expanding workforce needed timely, responsive, and accurate HR support to fulfill its critical mission. As part of the project undertaken by the customer, INRY, and the team at ServiceNow, a cutting-edge solution was delivered that included capabilities like

  • Knowledge Management to provide the customer team members with access to information that addresses common HR-related inquiries.
  • Virtual Agent to provide colleagues with 24x7 access to interactive, AI-powered support to address frequent questions when and where they surface, even off-hours.
  • HR Case Management to ensure that those issues that cannot be resolved through knowledge articles or virtual agent self-service are routed to the most appropriate resource for timely attention.
  • Employee Center Pro to provide the employees with a "one-start shop" for accessing HR services, corporate communications, and other information.
  • HR Services configuration to make it easy to access a catalog of help options that are intuitive to requestors and optimized for proper routing, taking, and SLA monitoring.
  • PeopleSoft and Infor integrations to leverage and extend all the employee information already managed in the HCM/ERP systems of record.

The Results

The customer organization’s ServiceNow HRSD solution has provided solid results for employees and the HR teams that support them. Benefits achieved since the go-live of the solution include:

  • Improved employee satisfaction with the level of HR services being delivered. HR services often touch on compassionate matters like compensation, benefits, or other issues that are deeply important to employees. Providing more timely, accurate, transparent services helps the colleagues feel valued and supported by the organization.
  • A reduction in overall inquiries thanks to robust self-service options provided through the ServiceNow Knowledgebase and Virtual Agent.
  • Quicker time to resolution for those inquiries that require the creation of a case, thanks to the capture of all relevant information needed to address the inquiry, assign it, and monitor its completion.
  • Improved capacity for the HR team thanks to reduced requests better resolved through self-service. In an age of ever-evolving workforce planning challenges, the adoption of ServiceNow's Employee Experience solution has returned time to Human Resources to be able to manage the organization's talent strategy.

The results achieved by the customer are exceptional but by no means unique. INRY and ServiceNow have worked with hundreds of organizations to transform Employee Experience to make HR services a competitive differentiator in attracting and retaining the best and brightest.

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