Discovering ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management - Ep.3
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Discovering ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management - Ep.3

Discovering ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management - Ep.3

ServiceNow's Project Management module 

helps organizations track and manage projects, project resources, and ITIL processes (incident, problem, and change) from a centralized platform. It allows employees to manage all tasks in one place and eliminated the unnecessary overhead of uploading project information from disparate systems. 

The 3rd episode in our five-part webinar series explores how organizations can leverage ServiceNow’s IT Business Management capabilities to apply Project and Portfolio Management best practices. The first two episodes talked about effectively driving innovation through Idea Management, and managing the demand management lifecycle to take strategic decisions and allocate budgets to support corporate initiatives. We recommend you watch the first two episodes of this series, on Innovation Management and Demand Management to set the context for this webinar.

In this webinar, our Project Portfolio Management Specialist, Paul Kuechenmeister, discusses how you can manage your ongoing initiatives with ServiceNow’s Project Management capabilities, from initiation to project closure. Some of the key topics include:

  • How to streamline the Project Management process
  • How to manage the lifecycle of a project
  • Best practices for tracking and reporting of initiatives

Highlights of this Episode:

  1. 03:15 - Why project management matters
  2. 05:20 - What is Project Management
  3. 07:16 - Know the key people involved in Project Management
  4. 08:16 - Addressing common challenges in project initiation
  5. 11:19 - Developing standard ServiceNow project templates
  6. 13:13 - Managing your resources during project initiation
  7. 16:20 - Addressing the common challenges in project planning and execution
  8. 17:18 - Standardizing status reporting
  9. 19:43 - What are RACI logs and RIDAC, and how do they help in project execution
  10. 23:12 - Addressing common challenges in project closure
  11. 28:46 - Understanding how ServiceNow can tackle every project management activity
  12. 32:10 - Answers to questions from the audience:
    • How long has INRY been using the Project Portfolio Management module in ServiceNow?
    • What are ServiceNow's capabilities when importing data from other tools?
    • What are the benefits of using the in-built reporting tools in ServiceNow?

You can also access the slide deck that was presented in the webinar by clicking on the "Watch Webinar" button.


Picture of Paul Kuechenmeister
INRY Speaker
Paul Kuechenmeister

Solution Strategist at INRY

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