Elevating HR Operations: How INRY Revolutionized Processes for a Healthcare Giant
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Elevating HR Operations: How INRY Revolutionized Processes for a Healthcare Giant

Elevating HR Operations: How INRY Revolutionized Processes for a Healthcare Giant

Discover how INRY transformed a leading healthcare organization's HR operations through ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, centralizing knowledge management, automating HR case processes, and integrating document management. This streamlined approach enhanced efficiency, accountability, and scalability while significantly improving employee experience and service delivery.

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Increased productivity

Standardized operations with task templates and workflows automated routine HR tasks, boosting productivity by minimizing manual effort.

Strengthened compliance and security

The implementation improved employee document tracking, ensuring compliance and confidentiality while mitigating unauthorized access risks.

Increased transparency

The centralized Employee Service Center provided transparency into HR processes and procedures, fostering trust and accountability within the organization.

Improved employee engagement

The streamlined HR processes and enhanced accessibility to resources resulted in higher levels of employee engagement, as employees felt supported and valued by the organization.

Caring for Northern Arizona: A Legacy of Excellence 

Established in 1995, the Customer is a leading healthcare organization in Northern Arizona, with a dedicated team of over 3,500 doctors, nurses, and experts safeguarding the health of families. The Customer is committed to serving communities throughout the region, providing comprehensive healthcare services and primary care to enhance care standards and promote well-being. 

Overcoming Legacy System Limitations 

Given the limitations of their existing systems, the organization experienced hurdles in managing HR processes effectively. Their legacy HR case application and Lawson’s employee self-service portal caused hindrances in handling HR cases and accessing information. Additionally, the current knowledge management system lacked a centralized structure, presenting an opportunity for improvement in streamlining service delivery for employees and the HR team, prompting the customer to seek INRY's expertise to enhance HR operations and the employee experience. 

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner and 2022 Global Healthcare Partner of the Year award winner, INRY specializes in delivering customized solutions for the healthcare sector. INRY's deep industry knowledge and ServiceNow proficiency enabled the design and configuration of a tailored HR service delivery solution for the customer. 

Partnering with Excellence 

INRY swiftly implemented ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) for the organization within a 12-week timeline, understanding the customer’s objectives. This involved conducting a series of workshops to identify high-level usage of the platform, and pre-configured ServiceNow based on best practices and customer feedback. Additionally, INRY held demonstration sessions showcasing ServiceNow's capabilities across various areas to maximize the platform’s potential. The solution consisted of several key components, including: 

  • Knowledge Management: Centralized the knowledge base to improve employee access to relevant articles, optimizing support for employees and HR operations. 
  • HR Case Management and Service Configuration: Introduced to rectify legacy system inefficiencies by automating workflows, centralizing case tracking, and providing a streamlined platform for managing HR inquiries.  
  • Employee Document Management: ServiceNow's EDM is pivotal in modernizing document handling, offering a secure, paperless repository for all employee documents and efficient management throughout their lifecycle, ensuring compliance with global regulations and enhancing data security. By leveraging ServiceNow's EDM capabilities and the MID Server for seamless data import, INRY successfully migrated over 60,000 documents from Cerner into the ServiceNow platform. 
  • Lawson Integration: Imported employee, department, and location data from Lawson to ServiceNow, enhancing case management capabilities and ensuring accurate employee information for optimized HR processes. 
  • Employee Service Center: After witnessing promising results and outcomes from the implementation, the customer sought to migrate to a full-fledged Employee Service Center (ESC) for further centralization and streamlining of employee assistance. INRY facilitated this transition, empowering employees with efficient self-service capabilities and unified access to critical resources across departments. 
  • Knowledge Article Migration: INRY migrated and rewrote over 120 knowledge articles for readability, collaborating with the customer to consolidate them in ServiceNow. 

Key Outcomes of INRY's Strategic Implementation 

The key outcomes achieved through this collaboration between the Customer and INRY include: 

  • Enhanced Self-Service: The Employee Service Center (ESC) provided employees with a unified platform for self-service, reducing the burden on HR staff and enabling independent access to resources and HR-related inquiries.
  • Smoother Transition: INRY's dedication emphasized commitment to OCM and post-go-live independence of the customer. INRY established a robust relationship with HR administrators, delivering comprehensive enablement services, including training sessions, workshops, and ongoing support, ensuring the team was fully equipped to leverage ServiceNow to its fullest potential.
  • Optimized Case Management: Case categorization streamlined the process, facilitating quicker identification of appropriate resources, and enhancing overall efficiency in case handling.
  • Ensured Service Quality and Accountability: Implementation of SLAs and CSAT surveys ensured consistent response and resolution timelines, fostering accountability, and enhancing customer satisfaction with HR processes.
  • Streamlined Document Repository: ServiceNow's Employee Document Management system facilitated secure storage, retrieval, and management of sensitive employee documents, ensuring privacy protection and seamless accessibility throughout the employee lifecycle.
  • Improved Knowledge Management: Utilizing Knowledge Articles standardized processes and communications, enhancing accessibility, and streamlined procedures for both employees and HR case agents.
  • Enhanced Scalability: The implementation empowered the organization to seamlessly scale its knowledge repository, HR service offerings, and document management capabilities, positioning them to adapt to evolving demands and expand operational capacities effectively. 

INRY's partnership was instrumental in revolutionizing the Customer's HR Service Delivery, ensuring a seamless and efficient transformation. By leveraging the PASS Methodology and providing comprehensive enablement services and post-live support, INRY demonstrated its commitment to excellence and tailored solutions. This collaboration led to substantial business outcomes for the Customer, including streamlined workflows, enhanced operational accessibility, and significant improvements across various facets of HR operations. The transformative shift in HR processes empowered the organization to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness, driving overall business success. 

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