Fortune 500 Electronics Distributor

Fortune 500 Electronics Distributor transforms Global HR Service Delivery

  • Client
    Global Electronics Distributor
  • Industry
  • Employees
  • Solution
    ServiceNow HR


Siloed HR teams
High HR costs
Inconsistent service delivery



Global HR Service Delivery with a self-service enabled portal moved employees to a new modern, consistent system of action to get help from HR


Increased control and visibility helped the client achieve full compliance with various regulations across EU, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific


Complete Internationalization in the new system allowed employees to access HR services in their own local language


A Phased Implementation led to a smooth transition to the new platform that significantly improved HR efficiency, and reduced global HR costs by $9 million

The client is a large global electronics distributor with employees across Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region. HR teams worked independently from each other and the quality of HR services varied significantly by region. Siloed HR teams offered limited visibility, and best practices weren’t shared between regions. The client’s HR leadership envisioned a global HR service delivery that was consistent, efficient and cost-effective.

INRY’s phased implementation of ServiceNow HR helped the client successfully achieve a global HR transformation.

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