Fortune 500 Mining Company builds HR Shared Services Organization with ServiceNow® and INRY

A single place to search knowledge, use self-service, and submit requests

Fortune 500 Mining Company
Fortune 500 Mining Company
ServiceNow® HR

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A new global employee portal provides a single place to search knowledge, use self-service, and submit requests
Email notifications were set up to notify employees of the progress of their cases, and automated case satisfaction surveys helped gauge employee engagement
Automated reporting provides the new shared service organization with the insights they need to track, measure, and improve performance
An integrated knowledge base on the portal helps to search for information quickly, and create cases for various pre-built services including benefits, payroll, onboarding, time off, and general inquiries

As a major construction organization, the client employs thousands of employees and hires in large numbers across North America. They handle over 5000 relocations, 1200 long term leaves, and onboard up to 1500 full-time and 900 college interns every year. The client sought a modern solution to build an SSO that was tailored to their needs, scalable to support their global operations, and simple to access and support.

With INRY’s implementation of ServiceNow® HR, the client was successful in their effort to pull resources from regional divisions and centralize their HR.