Recruitment to Offboarding: Transform Employee Experience with ServiceNow
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Recruitment to Offboarding: Transform Employee Experience with ServiceNow

Recruitment to Offboarding: Transform Employee Experience with ServiceNow

A research study featured in the Harvard Business Review shows organizations that invested most heavily in Employee Experience (EX) were twice as often, found in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. To attract and retain talent, organizations need to establish an actionable and robust EX strategy. While employees often expect consumer-level experiences at work, traditional HR and IT service delivery models are often not well-equipped or aligned to ensure this experience is delivered.

INRY is a ServiceNow Elite Partner and a leader in delivering ServiceNow HR solutions. We help HR teams in consumerizing the employee service experience with self service portals and get the insights they need to continually improve service delivery.

With INRY and ServiceNow, any part of your organization can quickly build business applications to automate processes, with reusable components that help accelerate innovation.

In this article, we explore the various phases of an employee lifecycle, and how INRY and ServiceNow are transforming each of them.

Traditional recruitment methods typically involve posting a job opening in common channels such as job portals, websites, local newspapers, social media sites, etc., after which candidates would submit their application. These applications would then be manually screened, sorted via spreadsheets and email and the most suitable candidates had to be called for interviews and shortlisted.

HR teams find this manual process cumbersome and overwhelming. This process also increases recruitment costs and decreases the experience for both applicants and recruiters.

We leverage our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) from INRY (also a ServiceNow custom app) to help organizations automate the application process. This system helps digitize and streamline all your talent attraction needs while allowing applicants to track the status of their job application. End-to-end digital recruitment on the ATS helps you manage the entire applicant journey from application to offer.

Featured App: Applicant Tracking System on ServiceNow Store

Client: European Health Insurer

Industry: Healthcare

Challenge: With approximately 200+ employees and an upcoming expansion plan for the European market, the organization was looking to hire quality talent quickly. The primary challenge was the lack of a streamlined recruitment process. Although they had ServiceNow in their organization, their hiring was entirely dependent on spreadsheets and email.

Solution: INRY implemented an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in the form of a recruitment app by INRY. This app has a user-friendly portal where applicants can view all their tasks and the status of their application in one place. Automated notifications and reminders prompt both the recruiters and applicants of any upcoming tasks or processes.

By automating workflows on the ATS, both the recruiter and applicants are able to effectively perform their respective duties while maintaining transparency.

By triggering onboarding upon the successful selection of an applicant, the ATS helped manage the entire employee lifecycle in ServiceNow.

According to a Gartner report, organizations have begun to realize the significant impact onboarding has on employee engagement and retention. Although employee onboarding is considered to be an HR responsibility, it often requires multi-department coordination for completion. The traditional onboarding process also involves manually capturing employee information, adding the risk of human error and decreasing productivity.

With the power of ServiceNow, INRY helps organizations manage all onboarding functions on a single service delivery portal. Employees can also use the portal to access information such as new hire policies, guidelines, and more. Manual tasks such as the signing of documents can easily be digitized with the help of the portal.

Just like onboarding, offboarding too, is a time-consuming process that requires many departments to coordinate before an employee can be officially released from their duties. Apart from the supervisor, cross-functional teams will have to sign the employee’s offboarding documents. In order to make the process quick and efficient, INRY helps organizations manage all offboarding activities on the single service delivery portal of ServiceNow.Client: Iowa Department of Transport (Iowa DOT)

Industry: Transportation

Challenge: Iowa is a state that is known for its extreme climatic conditions, with its intense winters lasting several months. These weather conditions, especially ones involving snowfall, result in increased demand from over 27.5 million residents for efficient public transport throughout state. Therefore, Iowa DOT hires more than one thousand seasonal employees every year to meet varying demands. The HR team at Iowa DOT had to manually fulfill both the onboarding and offboarding processes.

But hiring seasonal resources entails long drawn-out onboarding process for every single hire. Since HR teams at Iowa DOT were performing most of their onboarding tasks manually, and were primarily dependent on paper forms and spreadsheets, the administrative burden was significant. Each new hire had to manually complete 13 forms, which then had to be rekeyed into legacy mainframe systems by the HR staff. The end-to-end process for every employee would take up to 6 hours. There was also the possibility that the same people were being hired each year, making onboarding tasks redundant.

Solution: In line with our proprietary delivery methodology, focused on incremental value delivery, INRY conducted structured workshops with the client to identify their key requirements. Once the pain points and requirements were identified, we established ServiceNow HR Onboarding services in the department.

A single service portal was established for prospective hires to login and submit all required information. This paperless process eliminated the manual efforts and saved 1.5 hours per hire in rekeying information from paper to legacy mainframes.

When it was time for a person to leave, the HR team could simply use the Employee Data Case Management form to change the employment status of the employee. INRY’s PASS methodology helped Iowa DOT adapt to ServiceNow quickly. We help organizations drive employee engagement in three ways:

    1. Drive HR efficiencies and employee experiences with ServiceNow HR service delivery.
  1. Build an engaged culture through appreciation and recognition using Celebrate from INRY.

Create a unified system of action that drives organizational efficiency and improves employee experiences with our Expense Management Application from INRY.Most organizations today are striving to win over a largely disengaged workforce by providing a consistent employee experience. With employees always looking to access relevant information at the touch of a button, organizations struggle to deliver content that is tailored specifically for the employee’s needs. By implementing ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, INRY helps employees access information and interact with HR from a single, convenient interface. This helps organizations deliver consumerized service to all their employees.Client: Fortune 500 Food Company

Industry: Food Processing

Challenge: A Fortune 500 consumer foods company had about 38,000 employees and wanted to provide them a consistent employee experience. However, due to multiple internal and regional tools not being fully capable, a superior EX was not possible.

Solution: We helped the company implement ServiceNow HR Service Delivery in their organization to address their global needs. By integrating ServiceNow HR with Workday and other legacy tools, employees were now given a single interface to interact with HR for all inquiries. This one-stop-shop became an efficient way for employees to find information and contact HR via chat, email, or phone.

With over 76% of users accessing the global portal in the first three months of going live, the response to the project was monumental. And since the interface enforced a self-service model, 70% of employee cases were resolved without HR intervention. This also resulted in lower case volumes and led to improved efficiency.

Featured App: Celebrate Application in ServiceNow Store

Celebrate application helps you build an engaging culture through appreciation and recognition. Built on ServiceNow platform, we provide easy to configure workflows to help

employees recognize others and share it across multiple social platforms with a single click. Integrate Celebrate with performance management and learning management to get the most use out of our application suite.

Featured App: Expense Management System in ServiceNow Store

INRY's Expense Management application helps organizations track their employee's expenses and control spending with simplified processes. It also provides visibility on each expense through dashboards and analytical reports.

The app delivers a simple and engaging experience through separate tailored views for Employees, Managers, and Finance Teams.

Training and development programs are important in the workplace as they help employees attain personal growth and improve skills. With the help of timely trainings customized for the workforce, companies can nurture their employee skill set at each level. However, large enterprises, especially in the retail industry, find it difficult to efficiently track varying training needs. It is also cumbersome to maintain all training-related information in one place for employee reference.

Based on the organization's requirements, INRY develops custom apps for training and development on ServiceNow. We also leverage INRY's custom apps like performance management and learning management to streamline workflows.

Client: Casey's General Stores, Inc.

Industry: Retail

Challenge: Casey's was using traditional tools such as email and spreadsheets to manage their leadership training initiatives. As a result, it became difficult to track new requests for training, manage trainer workloads, and deliver materials on-time.

Solution: In order to meet all the training needs at Casey's, a new custom training app was built on the ServiceNow platform. This app was used to organize all training-related information and drive the entire leadership training lifecycle. The app was further embedded in Casey's unified employee portal, enabling employees to leverage a 4-click process to submit new requests for training. Since the app used a single system to track and manage the end-to-end training process, it fostered greater transparency and better inter-team collaboration. With INRY's Performance Management Application, you can collaborate with teams to plan and track objectives and development needs. It will help you align smaller tasks with bigger goals. You can deliver all these using persona based portals for a great user experience.

Featured App: Learning Management System in ServiceNow Store

Learning Management system works with INRY's Performance Management to deliver a fast and effortless way to assess employee skills, identify opportunities for development, and schedule appropriate learning programs.

INRY streamlines and automates employee workflows during the different stages of an employee lifecycle across multiple departments by leveraging the centralized ServiceNow platform and its various HR apps. If you’d like to learn more about our ServiceNow HR implementation stories and discuss your challenges, please feel free to get in touch with one of our ServiceNow consultants for a personalized consultation.

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