Sports Entertainment Company redefines Facilities Management
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Sports Entertainment Company redefines Facilities Management

Sports Entertainment Company redefines Facilities Management

Our global sports entertainment client’s existing facilities processes involved spreadsheets and paper-based systems which created bottlenecks and led to slower completion of tasks. There was limited visibility for facilities managers into the work being requested and performed. At times, this lack of visibility led to missed deadlines leaving the facilities team to extend their work hours to complete their tasks.

INRY implemented ServiceNow Facilities Service Management to help facilities managers speed up service fulfillment and swiftly engage the right facilities technicians at the right time. The facilities managers can also view all open work orders based on venue, area, and priority in ServiceNow. This helps the client to make smarter decisions when assigning and reassigning work.


The facilities tech portal provides a single view of all the tasks in real-time and helps technicians plan and complete their jobs more efficiently


The visibility that the solution provides allows facilities technicians to quickly see what work orders are open in a specific area so they can select the tools needed for multiple work orders


The role-based portal also allows facilities managers to view all open work orders and assign and re-assign work as needed based on skillsets


Intuitive dashboards that provide facilities managers with insights into high priority tasks, recurring work orders across venues, and the time taken to resolve each

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