2-Minute Read: Iowa DOT accelerates HR Onboarding


With more than 27.5 million rides dependent on their transit systems annually, the Iowa Department of Transportation is entrusted with the responsibility of preventing disruption of travel in the state of Iowa.

Iowa is known for its diverse climate and long winters with some places receiving over a foot of snow in a single day. To ensure that these conditions do not disrupt normal life, the Iowa Department of Transportation hires more than a thousand seasonal employees every year.

In addition to the tremendous logistic challenges that the Department of Transportation faced each winter, their HR teams were also looking at significant administrative burden.

Rising Administrative Burden

In the absence of modern enterprise HR technology, HR teams performed most of their onboarding tasks manually and were primarily dependent on paper forms and spreadsheets. Rekeying information into their legacy mainframes not only added to their workload but also exposed the client to risk of human errors.

Complying with the various regulations applicable to seasonal hiring required several tasks with repetitive actions. Seasonal hires were required to enter the same information on multiple paper forms and HR spent a lot of their time processing these forms to complete onboarding.

On average, onboarding each seasonal hire was costing HR up to 6 hours. Any new changes to government regulations added to the already high administrative burden.

The leadership at the Department of Transportation aimed to accelerate their onboarding through a technology upgrade as they saw significant scope for improvement in their existing processes. Following careful comparison of various solutions, the Iowa Department of Transportation decided to implement ServiceNow HR Onboarding with IntegRhythm.


IntegRhythm’s Approach

In line with our proprietary delivery methodology focused on constant communication and incremental value delivery, IntegRhythm conducted structured workshops with the client to identify key requirements.

The client’s HR team members involved in the workshops were being familiarized with the ServiceNow platform and its customizable capabilities. This way, they were able to help identify opportunities to streamline processes and maximize their value realization from ServiceNow.

Single Service Portal

During the workshops, IntegRhythm found that, based on the type of employment, prospective hires could be required to perform up to 13 tasks as part of the onboarding process. The client did not have a portal for prospective hires to submit their information. This meant that almost all communication happened in-person.

By leveraging Service Portal, IntegRhythm created an intuitive onboarding portal that served as a starting point where prospective hires could log in and find all their tasks in one place.

Less Paper, More Efficiency

With each prospective hire required to manually fill and sign up to 13 paper forms manually, HR teams were spending significant time validating and processing the forms. There was significant potential to cut complexities and streamline Onboarding by going paperless.

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