INRY Revolutionizes Asset Management for Lippert
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INRY Revolutionizes Asset Management for Lippert

INRY Revolutionizes Asset Management for Lippert

INRY revolutionized hardware asset management for Lippert by implementing ServiceNow ITAM, offering them a unified platform to effortlessly track assets.

The Mission

Amid their expanding acquisitions that led to a growing number of stockrooms, Lippert Components, a global Manufacturing Corporation, encountered a significant challenge in efficiently managing its hardware assets. The lack of an effective system led to complicated and tedious tracking and allocation processes.  

Given their operating model and global reach, providing them with complete control and visibility over their assets was crucial. Implementing ServiceNow ITAM emerged as the ideal solution, and INRY proposed a deployment approach to transform the customer's asset management landscape.  

The Approach

Utilizing INRY's expertise and proven methodology, Lippert partnered with us to revolutionize their asset management practices. By swift deployment of ServiceNow ITAM, INRY helped Lippert achieve remarkable results within a 10-week time frame.  

The project began with a thorough analysis of the customer's requirements, laying the foundation for a smooth implementation process. Leveraging the Contracts functionality, INRY assisted in centralizing and tracking contractual agreements, including renewal dates. This empowered the customer to proactively manage contract renewals, ensuring compliance and avoiding potential risks.  

INRY optimized asset organization using Stockrooms functionality, minimizing stockouts and enhancing asset availability. Streamlined tracking and retrieval processes improved operational efficiency. Leveraging Asset and Model Records functionality, INRY enabled detailed asset information maintenance, including lifecycles and decision-making insights. This equipped the client with comprehensive tools for effective asset management.  

INRY's commitment to customer success was evident throughout the project. They provided tailored training sessions to empower stakeholders with the necessary skills to leverage ServiceNow ITAM effectively. INRY's experts were readily available to address challenges and offer ongoing support, ensuring a smooth transition and post-implementation success.  

The Rewards

INRY revolutionized hardware asset management for Lippert by implementing ServiceNow ITAM, offering them a unified platform to effortlessly track assets across nine global stockrooms in North America and Europe. The implementation eliminated inventory uncertainties, providing complete visibility of assets. 

In Addition to this, they also experienced other benefits, such as  

  • Cost Savings: Streamlined asset management with ServiceNow ITAM led to substantial cost savings through optimized inventory utilization and reduced asset loss risks. INRY's expertise ensured rapid implementation, maximizing ROI. 
  • Operational Efficiency: INRY's integrated approach and ServiceNow ITAM enhanced operational efficiency by automating asset lifecycle management. This drove productivity gains and reduced manual effort, saving resources and time. 
  • Informed Decision-Making: Complete asset visibility and accurate tracking empowered managers to make informed decisions. INRY's expertise and ServiceNow's capabilities provided real-time data and insights for optimized resource allocation and improved business outcomes. 

In summary, INRY's unique expertise, rapid implementation, and ServiceNow ITAM capabilities delivered cost savings, operational efficiency, and informed decision-making.
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