Leading Insurance Organization Transforms IT Governance and Compliance
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Leading Insurance Organization Transforms IT Governance and Compliance

Leading Insurance Organization Transforms IT Governance and Compliance

The customer recognized that INRY was well-positioned to assist with their ServiceNow GRC adoption journey.

The Mission

As an American property insurance and title and deed company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the organization draws from more than a century of operational expertise to innovate in protecting property rights for its customers. It is part of an extensive family of companies that market, underwrite, and deliver market-leading risk management services in general and title related insurance.

During its long history, the organization has seen its industry evolve from one reliant on paper-based documents and processes to one that is increasingly at the forefront of digital transformation. As part of this evolution, technological changes bring both compelling benefits and new risks.

With a long heritage of helping its customers manage property-related risks, the organization sought ways to formalize IT-related integrated risk management processes by leveraging ServiceNow’s market-leading Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) suite of products.

The Opportunity

The organization recognized that INRY was well-positioned to assist with their ServiceNow GRC adoption journey thanks to the team’s decade-plus track record of delivery across compliance, IT, customer, and colleague workflow areas.

Following workshops aimed at capturing, validating, and refining compliance-related requirements, INRY worked with ServiceNow and the team there to deploy a ServiceNow GRC solution in just 9-10 weeks that included capabilities like:

  • Policy and Compliance Management to help the organization automate and unify compliance processes and provide insight into their effectiveness for stakeholders across the organization.
  • Audit Management to help the organization respond to internal and external audits in more timely, accurate, and transparent ways that protect the business and its customers.
  • Risk Management helps the organization identify, prioritize, and respond to risks that can impact the business more effectively.
  • Unified Compliance Framework integration to allow the ServiceNow GRC solution deployed for the organization to import hundreds of IT-related compliance requirements.

The ServiceNow GRC solution delivered provides a strong foundation upon which the customer can grow its maturity for years through automation, AI-powered risk analyses, and ongoing updates to the platform delivered through twice-yearly releases.

The Results

As the title insurance group looks to make its business more robust in the face of dynamic markets and pervasive IT-related risks, the ServiceNow GRC solution delivered by INRY has provided strong results, specifically:

  • A more compliant organization thanks to a ServiceNow GRC solution that provides the framework to manage policies and procedures that document issues and address them more timely and consistently.
  • A more resilient operation thanks to improved visibility into risks that have the potential to disrupt their business and its commitment to customers.
  • Reduced time and manual effort required to respond to internal and external audits thanks to a reporting framework that provides up-to-the-minute visibility into IT-related risks, related policies, and response plans.
  • More informed IT investments thanks to a clearer understanding of the risks and rewards from the organization’s internal and vendor-provided hardware, software, and network assets.

INRY has helped hundreds of organizations realize the transformative benefits of ServiceNow in all aspects of their business. Through our SMART Success approach to adoption, INRY allows organizations recognize a quick time to value and long-term success in the adoption journey.

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