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Life Time makes it easy for their Finance team to deliver timely and accurate information

45% reduction in tickets registered within just 3 weeks

Business Operations - Success Story
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Life Time Fitness
ServiceNow® Financial Management

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A new centralized SSO-enabled portal provided users the ability to quickly search knowledge, use self-service options, and raise tickets
A new ‘re-case’ form built on ServiceNow simplified month-end P&L requests and helps the team to provide timely and accurate information
Real-time reporting allows managers to monitor the volume of requests, status within a workflow, length before resolution, knowledge views and more
INRY’s assistance in reinforcing adoption helped users to quickly start using ServiceNow and led to a 45% reduction in tickets registered within 3 weeks

Receiving between 7500 – 10000 emails per month across 30 different mailboxes resulted in backlogs and forced high-paid accountants at Life Time to perform transactional tasks leaving little time for value-add activities. At the end of each month, the team handled P&L requests that required them to manually answer close to 1500 emails within a 24-hour time frame.

With interactive workshops, INRY initiated the implementation of ServiceNow and worked closely with the client to get real-time feedback and accelerate ease of adoption.

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