Navigating Innovation: Clark County's Odyssey to Optimize Workplace Dynamics
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Navigating Innovation: Clark County's Odyssey to Optimize Workplace Dynamics

Navigating Innovation: Clark County's Odyssey to Optimize Workplace Dynamics

Clark County partnered with INRY to transform workplace dynamics using ServiceNow's Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) solution. This initiative optimized space management, enhanced indoor mapping, and streamlined employee movement processes. The collaboration underscored Clark County's commitment to innovation and operational efficiency.

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Collaborative Workshops

Conducted deep-dive sessions with stakeholders, ensuring all requirements and objectives were captured for a thorough implementation.

Continuous Improvement Commitment

Upgraded the Now platform to the Vancouver release, demonstrating a commitment of keeping abreast with the latest technology for continued operational excellence.

Proven Partnership

Reflecting on successful past collaborations with INRY on HRSD and Election Worker Management deployments, ensuring confidence in the WSD implementation.

Comprehensive Post-Deployment Support

Provided robust Hypercare support post-implementation, ensuring availability for expert guidance and issue resolution.

A Vision for Enhanced Efficiency and Resource Optimization 

Clark County, which has jurisdiction over the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and covers an area the size of New Jersey, dedicates itself to providing top-quality service with integrity, respect, and accountability. 

Amidst the bustling landscape of Clark County, a vision for enhanced workplace management efficiency sparked a journey of innovation and collaboration. Clark County, renowned for its commitment to progressive solutions, embarked on a mission to revolutionize workplace service delivery. With a focus on optimizing space management, carto graphing indoor spaces, surveying employee workspaces, and managing the movement of employees between workspace spaces, the county sought to centralize indoor space management and improve overall resource utilization. 

A Strategic Partnership for Transformative Workplace Management in Clark County 

Considering the challenges posed by disparate systems, fragmented processes, and inefficient resource allocation in indoor space management, Clark County realized the need to adopt a unified platform to optimize the allocation of employee workspaces. ServiceNow's Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) solution emerged as the ideal fit, offering comprehensive coverage for space optimization, seamless move management, and real-time indoor mapping. Clark County trusted INRY with this transformative initiative, having previously collaborated with them on successful implementations of other ServiceNow solutions such as HRSD and Election Worker Management. 

INRY collaborated with Clark County in design workshops to understand and outline details on how the WSD solution can accommodate Clark County’s space management needs. Leveraging their proprietary Process Area Specific Sprints (PASS) methodology, INRY charted a course for ensuring the solution’s implementation success, through adherence to ServiceNow implementation best practices, conducting regular Show-me sessions to demonstrate the solution at various stages of development and stellar project planning. 

Harnessing the Power of ServiceNow WSD for Comprehensive Workplace Management 

INRY executed its implementation with precision, the Workplace management solution upon completion encompassed four distinct features: 

  1. Space Management: 
  • Integration with indoor space mapping providers for importing detailed spatial data to manage and optimize physical spaces. 
  • A Space Optimization dashboard for monitoring space utilization. 
  1. Indoor Mapping: 
  • Extracted room dimensions and synchronized indoor map plan data with workspace attributes. 
  1. Survey Form: 
  • Developed an intake form to collect employee location details for gauging demand peaks and troughs. 
  1. Move Management: 
  • A streamlined workflow for taking employee movement requests between spaces, resolving allocation conflicts, and move-related tasks to be completed to prepare the space for allocation. 

The implementation of the WSD solution adhered to INRY's project delivery methodology, Process Area Specific Sprints (PASS), and was governed by INRY Assurance to ensure successful execution and project completion. The INRY project team demonstrated expertise by collecting detailed requirements from multiple stakeholders, documenting those requirements, and configuring the solution to meet business needs, delivering it within 10 weeks. INRY's role as a trusted advisor and facilitator guided Clark County towards operational excellence in every step of its transformative journey to manage space allocations efficiently. 

INRY's commitment to excellence extends far beyond the WSD solution implementation, further manifesting into upgrading Clark County’s ServiceNow platform to the recent major release, Vancouver, and providing Hypercare support post-platform upgrade. Hypercare from INRY ensured dedicated technical support for the customer’s user audience was available for a period of weeks. During the Hypercare project phase, the INRY team remained readily available to answer any queries, swiftly resolved reported defects, and offered expert assistance in administering the WSD solution for Clark County’s Platform administrators and IT teams.  

Forging a New Frontier 

As Clark County continues its journey of identifying innovative digital solutions for achieving efficiencies of scale, INRY, along with the power of the Now Platform, stands by Clark County as a true partner, supporting the customer in their desire to achieve service excellence.  With a robust foundation in place and a commitment to continuous improvement, the County is well-positioned to navigate future business challenges and identify new opportunities for growth and innovation.
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