INRY is honored to be named ServiceNow Healthcare Partner of the Year
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INRY is honored to be named ServiceNow Healthcare Partner of the Year

INRY is honored to be named ServiceNow Healthcare Partner of the Year

This award recognizes INRY's dedication to delivering innovative solutions in Healthcare that create significant value for our clients

The ServiceNow Global Healthcare Partner Award is a result of the last 10 years of dedication and partnership with ServiceNow and our Healthcare customers. During this time, we've delivered innovative solutions through digital transformation and enabling enterprise-wide collaboration to help hospitals in the United States enrich their healthcare staff and patient experience.

This award is not just ours. It belongs to all of our customers who have trusted us with their mission-critical data, their people, and their revenue. It reflects our core values as a company; our commitment to healthcare as a partner; the health of our customer relationships; and the heartbeat of our business.

At the heart of these relationships is health, trust and deep connections we have formed with our customers and the impact we created in the lives of their patients, physicians and healthcare frontline workforce.

Creating healthy businesses

Our partnership with ServiceNow is key to our mission of improving the health of our customers' businesses. Healthy businesses are the direct result of providing consistent, strong value to customers in a way that builds loyalty and trust. INRY delivers some of the essential ingredients for a healthy business relationship, thereby exceeding customer expectations.

These relationships have evolved into multi-year transformational projects because of our focused investment in creating personalized experiences delivered through the ServiceNow platform.

One such transformational project was to solve the provider onboarding challenge. The cost of onboarding a new provider is astronomical. But, it's not just the money that's at stake—this process can also be a strategic differentiator for medical staffing leaders and a direct correlation with quality patient engagement and reduced patient risk.

Medical staffing leaders recognized that there is an opportunity to save hundreds of thousands of dollars as each clinician is hired, and that the process can be time-consuming and costly. That's why they've been looking for ways to automate this process, including providing new hire providers with effective self-service options and ways to easily provide the documents and information required for credentialing and license verification.

INRY delivered a workflow-based solution that seamlessly automated and orchestrated this complex process and cut the onboarding time to 60 days, thereby saving 40-100 hrs of HR and admin hours per hire and reducing credentialing time by 50%.

Watch the webinar to learn about SCL Health’s provider onboarding journey with ServiceNow

Building strong partnerships

An organization's ability to succeed depends on the strength of its partnerships. As an award-winning partner, we are constantly striving to make an impact on our customers' success by partnering with them. We view every engagement as an opportunity to learn more about our customer and create an experience that will delight them. Our goal is not just to enable technology solutions but also build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

When you partner with INRY, you get access to our deep industry expertise and our commitment to excellence. We are passionate about providing businesses with solutions that improve their operations and help them achieve higher levels of success.

Enriching patient experiences

INRY is proud to have received the Global Partner Award specifically for its work with healthcare organizations. Healthcare is a complex industry in which the choreography of the right Employee Experiences, Customer Experiences, and Operating Excellence experiences must combine to deliver positive patient outcomes.

This recognition comes at a time when INRY has been working hard to deliver solutions that are tailored specifically for healthcare providers. Our focus is on helping them improve efficiency and reduce costs while simultaneously improving patient care through technology integration strategies.

At INRY, we pride ourselves on being a technology partner that delivers value beyond expectations through open collaboration with ServiceNow — but also as design partner that consults on building the product roadmap.

As part of this recognition, we will participate in new opportunities to partner with ServiceNow on joint go-to-market programs designed to deliver engaging, efficient and easy to use solutions to healthcare organizations.

We are incredibly proud to be a part of the ServiceNow family, and we look forward to working with them as they continue to deliver on their vision of creating better ways for businesses to work.

As ServiceNow’s Global Healthcare Partner, we enable healthcare organizations to realize the full value of their ServiceNow investments. Imagine what it can mean for your organization to cut onboarding time by 60 days and save over $1.2 M annually in turnover costs. Talk to an expert.

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