Strategies To Use ServiceNow CSM To Deliver Stellar Customer Service
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Strategies To Use ServiceNow CSM To Deliver Stellar Customer Service

Strategies To Use ServiceNow CSM To Deliver Stellar Customer Service

Empowering customers with knowledge.

What is ServiceNow CSM?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that applies ITIL principles to deliver what they call “Everything as a Service”. One of their applications is ServiceNow CSM, also referred to as CSM. ServiceNow CSM enables you to serve and support external customers through omni-channel communication (email, phone, web, chat, social media, etc.). With ServiceNow CSM, you can:

  • Create Customer cases
  • Route cases to customer service agents
  • Set up routing and assignment rules based on a number of criteria including skills, geography, availability, etc.
  • Use special handling notes
  • Enable customer self-service through web portal(s)
  • Track and analyze case management and self-service data
  • Integrate CSM with other applications, including both ServiceNow apps like Field Service Management, Change Management, Problem Management, Portfolio and Project Management etc. ; but also with external applications through web services.

This paper discusses some key strategies on how your organization can use ServiceNow CSM to empower your agents to deliver stellar customer service.

Empower your agents and customers with knowledge

One thing customers always appreciate is the ability to have their concerns or questions addressed on the first contact. First Contact Resolution is a key KPI for many customer service organizations. Leveraging ServiceNow’s robust Knowledge Management capabilities can be a very effective way to increase First Contact Resolution.

Organizations can create multiple knowledge bases in ServiceNow. You can have an internal, employee-facing knowledge base that contains information that is helpful to agents in resolving customer cases quickly. Using the searchable knowledge base means even new-hire agents can resolve incidents without deferring to more experienced agents.

From a customers’ perspective, providing them with key information, including alerts and outages before they call can result in a proactive approach to customer service, resulting in better customer satisfaction as well as increased operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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Build Infrastructure that supports Customer Service

End to end customer service implies that there is integration and coordination between the various people and systems in your organization.

ServiceNow can help incorporating customer service into a structured and enterprise level approach in three distinct ways:

  1. a) Integration of Field Service, Problem and Change Management, Asset Management and Portfolio and Project Management gives you an unprecedented ability to provide real time, end to end customer service
  2. b) Connecting insights from customer service to engineering, operations, finance and other departments allows you to quickly identify and fix root causes of issues
  3. c) Integrating Event Management with customer systems ensures that you can identify issues such as service outages quickly and proactively alert agents and customers

Personalize Customer Service

ServiceNow allows you to deliver your customers a portal that can empower them to search a knowledge base, submit requests, look up the status of tickets, request usage metrics or account details, request call-backs etc. You can also use the portal to automate the most-frequent customer requests by connecting people, processes, and workflows.

Customers receive a faster and easier way to engage with customer service, and agents can be more effective and efficient when they’re devoting their time and energy towards resolving higher value issues.


These are just three of the many ways in which ServiceNow can help energize and empower your Customer Service. In Intergram Research’s “Putting Customers First” survey in May 2016, the top three Customer Service goals were identified as connecting service processes, offering Self-Service options, and becoming more proactive. According to the same survey, organizations that are customer service leaders have high cross-department collaboration, are able to identify and address root causes of problems, and offer self-service to their customers.

INRY has the skills, experience, and methodology to help your organization use ServiceNow CSM to deliver these goals. Our proprietary delivery methodology called Process Area Specific Sprints (PASS) relies on a combination of AGILE © and PRINCE2 © methodologies. PASS is designed to rapidly deploy and introduce ServiceNow functionality into the organization’s departments with a targeted focus.

Clients are engaged throughout the delivery cycle, and rapidly start using the functionality developed. Each PASS lasts between 6 to 8 weeks. Through the PASS approach, organizations can quickly and incrementally build their capabilities and iteratively provide smarter requirements for future PASSes.

For more information regarding ServiceNow capabilities, to see a demo of the platform or our pre-built customer service portals, or to learn more about our services, contact us at

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