Integrated Organizational Change Management
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Integrated Organizational Change Management

Integrated Organizational Change Management

After working with hundreds of clients, INRY has identified common challenges and themes organizations face when they start to build change capability—and these challenges tend to emerge regardless of size, industry, or internal resources.

In this webinar, Joel Bowles, INRY's Director of Delivery Assurance, will share insights on:

  • What is Organizational Change Management (OCM)?
  • What is INRY’s approach to OCM?
  • How do different models impact successful change initiatives?
  • How to execute a successful OCM?
  • How to leverage INRY's PASS methodology to implement OCM seamlessly?

Read on to find out how to approach change in your organization efficiently by mitigating risk and realizing value. 


Picture of Joel Bowles
INRY Speaker
Joel Bowles

Director of Delivery Assurance at INRY

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