Webinar: Achieve a Better Quote and Enroll Experience with ServiceNow
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Webinar: Achieve a Better Quote and Enroll Experience with ServiceNow

Webinar: Achieve a Better Quote and Enroll Experience with ServiceNow

Accelerate Health Plan growth and Market Expansion with INRY's Health Insurance Quote and Enroll (HIQE) powered by ServiceNow


Costly and unreliable Sales Automation technology leads to an increase in operational risk. Frequent outages, escalating vendor costs, and service degradation make Open Enrollment a very challenging experience for both Health Plans and their Brokers.

INRY's Health Insurance Quote and Enroll (HIQE) is a stable, scalable, and flexible platform that frees up healthcare executives to focus on new market and member growth opportunities. 

Give your team a modern user experience with our ultimate Quote and Enroll platform. It delivers high availability and performance while enabling self-maintenance, low/no-code development, and quick deployment, and comes with foundational built-in Service Management capabilities from ServiceNow.

Hear Garnet Dark (Global Head of Healthcare Payer Solutions - ServiceNow), Shane Powers (Strategic Advisor for Healthcare Payer Solutions - INRY), Steve Huck (Director for Healthcare Payer Solutions - INRY), and David Miner (Product Manager for Healthcare Payer Solutions - INRY) explain how ServiceNow powered Health Insurance Quote and Enroll (HIQE) from INRY delivers a great experience while generating significant Health Plan New Business and Renewal business growth.

In this on-demand webinar, learn how:

  •  ServiceNow puts you in control of all updates and configurations, so no more managed service contracts
  •  Implementing ServiceNow brings a significant reduction in your annual license and vendor support costs
  •  ServiceNow's "Platform-of-Platform" provides the ultimate Enterprise Architectural and Integration capabilities 
  • If your organization already uses ServiceNow, this implementation can be an extension of your existing license, which helps consolidate your technology stack and vendors

Highlights from the webinar:

02:40 - Priorities for Health Plan CEOs

03:30 - The technology landscape for managing health plans

04:40 - Enrollment challenges faced by brokers 

06:50 - How is ServiceNow approaching and improving user experience

12:10 - The great workflows behind every great experience

13:30 - The uses cases that the Now "Platform of Platforms" solves for the Payer organization

21:00 - A demo of HIQE

Q&A from the webinar:

31:50 - How do you get HIQE into your organization?

33:50 - How does ServiceNow integrate with my Claims system?

35:25 - Is the solution elastic enough to retract processing capacity to reduce costs outside of open enrollment?

38:10 - We just terminated our relationship with our quote and enroll platform vendor. How would this solution be any different?

43:20 - How does pricing work for this?

46:00 - How can I learn more about HIQE? What are the first steps?


Picture of Garnet Dark
Guest Speaker
Garnet Dark

Garnet Dark is the Global Head of Payer Solutions, ServiceNow

Picture of Steve Huck
INRY Speaker
Steve Huck

Steve Huck is the Director, Healthcare Payer Solutions at INRY

Picture of David Miner
INRY Speaker
David Miner

David Miner is the Product Manager, Healthcare Payer Solutions at INRY

Picture of Shane Powers
INRY Speaker
Shane Powers

Shane Powers is the Strategic Advisor, Healthcare Payer Solutions at INRY

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