Webinar: Empowering Recruitment by Design
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Webinar: Empowering Recruitment by Design

Webinar: Empowering Recruitment by Design


Hiring is the topmost priority for most companies in 2021. Recruiting quality talent quickly and efficiently is one of the essential tasks recruiters are striving to achieve. However, managing virtual recruiting and onboarding practices while dealing with a high volume of applicants is a tedious task for HR teams. With "the great resignation" already underway in 2021, hiring volumes are reaching unprecedented levels.

Costly legacy tools and siloed processes won't make the grade. HR teams and recruiters need solutions that make it easy to engage applicants, hiring managers, and interviewers.

The challenge of finding and retaining the right people continues to be the number one concern for C-suite. Yet, innovation in talent selection has lagged behind the rest for HR. The time is now for talent selection to be empowered with comprehensive and efficient workflows to match the way you work, powered by the ServiceNow platform.

In this webinar, INRY's CEO, Bipin Paracha, and ThinkTalent's President, Patrick Foss, discuss the current hiring trends and preview INTalent, a new ServiceNow talent acquisition solution. INTalent combines unmatched ServiceNow capability with decades of Talent Acquisition experience to help organizations meet today's increasingly frantic pace of hiring activity. Jeannette Meyer, a ServiceNow advocate and an INTalent user at the Swiss insurance leader, elipsLife, joins the panel and shares insights into how elipsLife streamlined their applicant tracking and selection processes.

Highlights from the session:

Patrick Foss:

3:06 Why INTalent? We looked at it from the innovation point of view and realized there is an opportunity to scale.

5:03 ServiceNow is present everywhere: Many organizations are using ServiceNow as their experience platform. It has become a smooth transition for many HR folks.

7:23 Impacts of the Great Resignation: There is an increase in average workload from 30 open jobs to 60 jobs per recruiter.

Jeannette Meyer:

22:28 How are we using ATS in elipsLife today? We have an end-to-end process starting from the open positions approved by the hiring manager to managing job postings on our career portal, shortlisting candidates, scheduling an interview, and closing the position.

49:13 Reasons why elipsLife picked ServiceNow ATS solution, INTalent? One of our top concerns was security - adherence to data privacy loss. Another issue was configuration – we had to cover several languages quickly. We realized very soon that ATS is the solution to all these concerns.

51:15 Ease-of-use on ServiceNow Platform: ServiceNow is a well-known platform for managing incident requests and many workflows. So when we start using ATS, many users were already familiar with the ServiceNow dashboard and functionalities. It becomes straightforward to use for us.

Bipin Paracha:

31:00 INTalent Product Demonstration: Get the candidate and recruiter scoring on INTalent

35:02 Power view to handle the volume of applicants: Select the top applicants via robust screening and filtering views: Bubble Chart, List View, and Visual Task Boards.

40:33 Power of the platform is an integrated experience: Hiring managers can check their to-dos, notifications, tasks, waiting for approvals etc., seamlessly. You can set your preferences too, or system can pick out the preferences for you.

Through this session, we learn how INTalent provides recruiters, applicants, and hiring managers with powerful new features atop a platform that offers unparalleled ease of deployment and time to value.


Picture of Patrick Foss
Guest Speaker
Patrick Foss

President & Founder, ThinkTalent

Picture of Bipin Paracha
INRY Speaker
Bipin Paracha


Picture of Jeannette Meyer
Guest Speaker
Jeannette Meyer

Business Requirements Engineer, elipsLife

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