INRY talks Asset Management on ServiceNow
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INRY talks Asset Management on ServiceNow

INRY talks Asset Management on ServiceNow

Deep dive into software and hardware asset management.

ServiceNow® IT Asset Management makes it easy for organizations to manage and get visibility into the IT asset lifecycle. INRY has helped businesses improve their asset management strategy, with our proven implementation approach to ServiceNow IT Asset Management. We help you adopt this powerful tool for superior asset management capabilities to see visible results and long-term success.

In this on-demand webinar, John VanBruggen, our Director of Solution Strategy & Innovation, and a ServiceNow Certified Master Architect, discusses the IT Asset Management process in ServiceNow. He explains why "Asset Management as a program is specifically a discipline." John goes into the details of each Asset Lifecycle stage, from Request to Procurement, Receiving, Stocking, Deployment, and Disposal. Some of the key topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Asset Management as a discipline and its sub-processes
  • Asset and Configuration Lifecycle stages
  • Model Categories, Models, Asset and CI correlation
  • Asset Management and Configuration Management (CMDB)
  • ServiceNow Asset Management User Roles

You can also watch the Asset Management Integrations with CG4 and INRY webinar to understand how the CG4 Asset Tracking solution can be integrated with ServiceNow.


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John VanBruggen

Director of Technology at INRY

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