Risk Management

Identify, analyze, measure, mitigate and manage risks within your organization. Visualize risk posture in real time through heatmaps and dashboards. Automate Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and perform risk scoring.

INRY helps organizations streamline their risk management practices through an effective implementation of ServiceNow Risk Management.

We have extensive experience implementing ServiceNow Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance and understand the unique needs of organizations across different industries. Our implementation services are designed with a consultative approach allowing clients to quickly start using ServiceNow for identifying, categorizing, scoring, prioritizing and mitigating IT risks.

Key Benefits


Effective Risk Management

Build a framework and a risk register for effectively tracking all known risks within the organization.

Integrated Risk Management

Integrated Risk Management

A single integrated system for Security & GRC provides real time insights and visibility to enhance your risk response.

Streamlined Processes

Streamlined Processes

Create workflows, notifications and alerts to assign tasks for risk management. Drive collaboration and track progress.

Track Response Tasks

Track Response Tasks

Prioritize, drive and track remediation progress and handle exceptions. Trigger notifications when tasks are due.


Continuous Risk Monitoring

Consolidate information, map controls to risks, and develop key risk indicators to improve continuous risk monitoring.


Better Insight & Visibility

Generate reports and dashboards to track and visualize risk posture, heatmaps and response initiatives.

Implementation Services

Solution and Strategy

Solution & Strategy

Targeted workshops to build roadmaps. Review existing implementations. Perform gap analysis and recommend next steps.

Essential Implementation

Essentials Implementation

Go Live in 2 weeks with out of the box capabilities and start building a risk framework and risk register.

Targeted Implementation

Targeted Implementation

Drive specific outcomes related to Risk Management. Build workflows for coordination, alerts, notifications and SLAs.

Advanced Implementations

Advanced Implementations

Manage mature and complex risk environments through ServiceNow Risk Management. Integrate with third party applications.

Enablement _ Adoption

Enablement & Adoption

Customized program to enable users to leverage ServiceNow effectively and without reliance on IT personnel. Drive adoption and success.



Hands on training about how to use ServiceNow Risk Management for identifying, categorizing, prioritizing, and managing risks.



Support ongoing enhancements to an existing ServiceNow GRC Policy and Compliance implementation.



Upgrade to the latest version of ServiceNow and leverage newer features and functionality.


Implement a Risk Framework

Implement a risk framework.

Consolidate information from multiple sources to support audits

Consolidate information from multiple sources to generate a risk register.

Review risks assign categories and understand impact

Review risks assignment categories and understand impact.

Apply scoring mechanisms to quantify and prioritize inherent and residual risk, establish KRIs

Apply scoring mechanisms to quantify and prioritize inherent and residual risk. Establish KRIs.

Define, assign and manage risk mitigation reduction activities

Define, assign and manage risk mitigation activities.

Perform ongoing evaluation and periodic reassessment of risks

Perform ongoing evaluation and periodic reassessment of risks.

Why INRY? Value with EASE

Deploy quickly, in as little as 2 weeks

We offer accelerators, supported by our implementation methodology, that help deploy the first phase of the solution in as little as 2 weeks. Our innovative PASS™ and EASE® methodologies focus on providing solutions that deliver Efficient Agile Secure Experiences for our clients.


INRY’s implementation services are designed to deliver EASE – Efficient Agile Secure Experiences. We ensure that your transition journey to ServiceNow is as smooth as possible.

Accelerate Value Realization Through Enablement

Value Realization is directly proportional to platform adoption. Our proven enablement and adoption services help organizations drive ROI. Service includes up to 3 quarterly health checks and usage maps post-deployment.

360◦ relationship with ServiceNow

As a ServiceNow Gold Partner with over 100 implementations and excellent CSAT scores, we have vast experience across all ServiceNow applications. Our 360 degree relationship with ServiceNow; design partner, technology partner, sales partner, implementation partner and as client, gives us a holistic understanding of the platform and enables us to drive value for our clients.

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