Vijaya Varala

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Vijaya Varala

Vijaya Varala is a problem-solver with a passion for making things work. She has over 13 years of experience working on client delivery projects/support projects with platforms such as ServiceNow and ERP.

Vijaya has a knack for devising effective strategies for improving business and enhancing customer relations. She's a proactive planner who takes the initiative in organizing and completing projects.

At INRY, Vijaya thrives on leading teams, training & development, customer relationship management and planning. When she's not working hard at INRY to solve problems and improve performance across the board, she relaxes by practicing yoga, gardening, reading and traveling.

Areas of Expertise

  • Managed Services
  • ERP
  • Customer Service Excellence


  • IIIT, Hyderabad - AI/ML
  • JNTU, Hyderabad - B. Tech


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