Baptist Health Shifts to Modernize IT Service Management with ServiceNow
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Baptist Health Shifts to Modernize IT Service Management with ServiceNow

Baptist Health Shifts to Modernize IT Service Management with ServiceNow

INRY ensures that every dollar spent on IT helps advance the quality and velocity of patient care.

The Mission

Baptist Health is the leading healthcare provider in Jacksonville, Florida, and is committed to a faith-based approach to serving the healthcare needs of patients in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. As a non-profit, Baptist Health is focused on ensuring that all its investments are optimized around delivering the best possible level of patient care. The organization has been a regular fixture of industry recognitions in radiology/oncology, surgery, clinical services, and dozens of other patient care disciplines.

Founded in 1955, the organization has grown alongside its community to encompass six hospitals, four emergency care centers, two hundred clinics, and fifty primary care centers across the Northeast Florida region.

The Opportunity

IT services are increasingly at the core of healthcare. As the nerve center of the modern healthcare enterprise, IT services are critical to delivering both patient care and the efficiency of clinicians and back-office staff supporting them. Like many healthcare organizations, Baptist Health looked to transform the organization’s capacity to deliver IT services that are more responsive, flexible, and transparent.

Baptist Health’s CIO, Aaron Miri, has been an impassioned advocate of smarter IT, touting it to “re-invent the business on a dime and react quickly to changing conditions” such as those presented by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Baptist Health’s investment in ServiceNow for next-generation IT Service Management is just a part of this broad strategy for organizational transformation.

By re-inventing IT Service Management for both core enterprise IT service requests as well as for those specific to the organization’s Epic Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, Baptist Health accelerated its digital transformation in ways that are directly tied to improved patient and provider services and optimum patient outcomes.

  1. The Results

Baptist Health and INRY partnered to deliver a state-of-the-art ITSM solution that included:

  • Incident Management for the capture of inbound IT Service incidents.
  • Problem Management for associating root cause problems with IT incidents.
  • Change Management to apply SDLC rigor to changes that impact IT services.
  • Knowledge Management to provide IT services consumers with self-service.
  • Service Portal to provide an entry point to knowledge management and incident capture.
  • An Epic EMR to ITSM integration to make it easy for providers to capture Epic defects without interrupting their patient-centric work in just 1-2 mouse clicks.
Thanks to the ongoing partnership between Baptist Health, INRY, and ServiceNow, the organization has seen compelling benefits such as:
  • 50% increase in IT services efficiency for the organization’s overall enterprise IT command center and the Epic EMR services response teams.
  • Vastly improved velocity, accuracy, and ergonomics for the team resulting in the resolution of 30,000 enterprise IT service tickets and 20,000 Epic EMR help requests each month.
  • Stronger Return on Epic investments thanks to a more consistent and complete capture of issues needed to debug and resolve EMR issues on the first attempt. For many organizations that rely on consultants to implement Epic fixes, more thorough documentation of issues translated into quicker resolution and reduced consultant spend.
  • Significant drop in pager notifications to IT team members based on inbound IT Service requests being properly characterized versus treated at the same level of urgency and priority.
INRY, ServiceNow, and Baptist Health continue this partnership to help grow the Power of Platform within the organization to make it more efficient, resilient, and impactful in the lives of patients in their community.
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